Sunday, 29 December 2013

How to Wear Sequins, Part 2 - The Midi

Eep - festive and theatrical obligations have forced me to take nearly a month off blogging duties (well, someone has to test out London's outdoor ice rinks, gales and floods or no... then drink vats of medicinal mulled wine) and the outfit photos are piling up, so it's time to get back on the horse... First things first, before the chimes herald in 2014, I felt it my duty to share this year's take on sequins...

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I'd had my eye on this £12 Primark midi for some time, and, having initially written it off as a shameless seasonal extravagance, finally made up my mind to invest the week before Christmas - sparkles and my current favourite skirt shape? Only Scrooge could resist... It's a rung up from last year's Princess Sparkle T-shirt ensemble on the ladder towards sartorial adulthood anyway, right (see here)? Although I may have, ahem, slipped a new My Little Pony number into the basket at the same time...

Glam Rocks

Skirt (Current): Primark, T-Shirt (Current) and Jacket: Both New Look, Boots: Boohoo

On its first outing, for birthday pizza, prosecco and snowball doughballs with mum, I decided to give my midi a hi-lo '70s rock twist (yes, Pizza Express rawks when we're in the house), to tone down the "I belong on top of the Christmas tree" vibe...

Christmas Cracker

Skirt: As Above, Shirt: Primark (Past Season), Shoes: Office (Past Season)

...But if you can't do double (OK, triple) sequins on Christmas Day, when can you? For pulling the crackers over the roasted Quorn fillets, I decided, in a fit of festive inspiration, to dig out last year's sequin-collared shirt along with 2005's sadly neglected velvet-trimmed, sparkle-encrusted courts, for a zhuzhed-up take on ladylike luxe. And no, none of my relations were in the least bit surprised by the sight of my barely concealed bra at the dinner table... an occupational hazard for bloggers' friends and family, I suppose, alongside temporary sequin-induced blindness.

Keeping it Casual

Skirt: As Above, Sweatshirt (Current): Primark, Trainers: Skechers

Making sequins pre-cocktail-hour-appropriate remains a challenge I am unable to resist... This outfit would surely inject a little more fun into sales shopping... or a little more comfort into travelling to a NYE party!

Have you invested in any sequinned buys this season? How are you wearing them?

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