Sunday, 1 January 2017

Looking Back and Moving Forward: 2016-17

2016 has been a busy one for me, but a quiet one for Sam Muses, since, when I wasn't off having my head shaved for some hair show or other, writing about everything from natural toothpaste to psychosis for the likes of Yahoo! Style and Woman & Home (not to mention watches for The Idle Man and musicals for Everything Theatre) conspired to keep me away from my garage door (a situation I do plan to rectify as soon as I can take my coat off outdoors without transforming into an ice sculpture)...

But in the interests of upholding tradition, here's a snapshot of my year...

2016 in 16. It was the year I...

  1. Did my first headstand.
  2. Finally got my braces off!
  3. Actually got paid for writing.
  4. Got my first undercut.
  5. Tried synchronised swimming (and managed to injure myself so badly during the land session that, 11 months later, I still haven't fully recovered!)
  6. But didn't let it stop me taking up ballet, tap and contemporary. 
  7. Or spending Valentine's Day swinging with a bunch of strangers (well, swing dancing).
  8. Aspired to dress like a Gucci girl every day - beret, pleats, ruffles, backless loafers, glasses and all...
  9. Refused to buy a top or dress that would actually keep my shoulders warm.
  10. Spent half the year working 9-5, shortly after declaring I didn't think I'd ever do it.
  11. Gave up refined sugar (for Lent, not for life)
  12. Ate more courgetti than actual spaghetti...
  13. More cauliflower rice than actual rice...
  14. And more ice cream made from mushed up frozen bananas than actual ice cream.
  15. Did the splits in mid-air.
  16. Fell in love with beetroot.