Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Going for Gold: Omorovicza Skin Care on Trial

Who knew Cleopatra's beauty trailblazing extended beyond the milk bath biz? Yep, in order to maintain her emperor-slaying complexion, she apparently wore a gold mask to bed. Thankfully, skincare science has moved on a bit over the last couple of millennia and, thanks to the lovely people at Omorovicza, I've spent the past couple of months trialling the 21st century method.

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Omorovicza's award-winning skincare range uses Nobel Prize winning science to harness the natural healing properties of Budapest's thermal waters (CliffsNotes: the earth's crust is thinner here, so more minerals make it to the surface).

They claim that, in combination with the other vitamins, essential oils and natural elements (including, yes, gold) which make up their products, this magic water can tackle just about any skincare woe you care to throw it at. Could it tame my sensitive, redness-prone complexion?

Well, if you can't quite stretch to a trip to the Omorovicza spa in Hungary, a swipe of the Cleansing Milk is almost enough to take you there (if you close your eyes, at least) - the nourishing, anti-inflammatory combination of jojoba, calendula and shea smells so good that the results are almost beside the point! The knowledge that its trademarked Hydro Mineral Transference system is delivering minerals directly into my skin obvs makes the most luxurious make-up removal experience I've ever known even better, though.

But what you really want to know is whether it's worth Going for (Going for) Gold, right? [Anyone else watch that in the '90s? I don't think I'll ever forget the theme tune. Anyway.] I trialled the Gold Flash Firming Serum and, firstly and arguably most importantly for a £100+ investment, it lasts ages - two months of decidedly immoderate twice-daily application in my case. Does it do what it says on the tin posh glass bottle? Bearing its claim to "heal micro-damage and strengthen skin" in mind, I kept a close eye on my pesky broken capillaries... and... as if by magic, a few days in, they actually started to disappear!

It wasn't quite powerful enough to completely negate the effects of frosty temperatures and central heating on my impish complexion during the tricksy trans-seasonal period we've been 'enjoying' recently, though (although, admittedly, weather which can actually be classified as seasonal is about as common in the UK as flying pigs). Maybe, in combination with some of the other products in the Gold Collection, it would have worked even better. Notwithstanding, it turned out to be a great instant brightening fix for the effects of a sleepless night (or two) and really began to even out my skin tone over time.

Looks like Cleo might have been onto something after all. If you can't fit a Budapest stopover into your schedule, you can check out the full range and read more on the Omorovicza website.

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