Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Primark High Summer '13

It may still be snowing, but, not content with showering us with spring/summer goodness, Primark are preparing to drop their high summer 2013 collection imminently! You can see the full collection of "latest releases" here, but I thought I'd share a few of my highlights with you...

I'm particularly excited by the cartoon print pencil skirt (haven't invested in any yet, but foreseeing a strong possibility I will look like I've been wallpapered with Beanos this season) and maxi-floral headband (an affordable alternative to Rock 'N Rose at last?!). And I'm still a sucker for studs, crop tops and embellished collars, so I'm happy!

Plus, it looks like my new pair of tapered boyfriend jeans may no longer be too far out of reach - Primark's range of £15-£17 versions, distressed and embellished to varying levels, is hitting stores as we speak... As for the shoes and clutch, what can I say? Their accessory ranges have just been getting better and better over recent seasons, and this may be the best yet!

I'm not sure I'm such a fan of their tribal prints this season (although I did find a gorgeous tribal print pencil skirt in Primark last year, featured here), but you can't go wrong with a good floral - how cute are these dungarees? I still haven't managed to get my hands on a pair of their long denim S/S dungarees by the way - apparently the entire size 6-12 population of the UK somehow got there before me though - hmph.

Oh and girls? Fancy a pair of £16 disco pants?! I nearly forgot about these, because they're another item that stubbornly refuses to become available in anything under a size 14 in the Oxford Street/Tottenham Court Road Primark, no matter how many times I compulsively check all the tags on the rail expecting a pair of size 8s to miraculously appear before my eyes... but they have really good reviews from bloggers who have managed to get hold of a pair in their size, so definitely worth a try I'd say, at several pounds below the asking price of their closest competitors! So far I've seen them in black, royal blue and red, but fingers crossed more colours will become available!

What do you think of Primark's high summer collection?

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  1. I really like the jeans. I'm looking for 'something different' is all I can say about jeans. Maybe more distressed .. not sure .. just would like jeans other than dark wash ;-)


    1. I know what you mean - I wore nothing but dark wash bootcut/flared jeans for years, before becoming brave enough to move on to coloured/printed skinnies - now dying to try something new again!

  2. Hi dear!! You have a lovely blog :)
    Nice post, i really like Primark too!!
    Take a look at;

    1. Thanks Sandra! I will check your blog out as soon as I have a minute ;)

  3. Oh my godness those jeans and the black&white sandals, have to be mine! :D
    Maria C

  4. I love those dungarees but still can't find them in any of the primarks around me! Great post x

    1. I haven't seen them yet either, hope they touch down soon!

      Thank you :)