Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cartoon Print Goes Pop! (Art) + New Look Nail Wraps

Primark, Pop Art, Crop Top, Cartoon Print, White Shoes, Boohoo, Red Pencil Skirt, Wiggle Skirt

Primark, Pop Art, Crop Top, Cartoon Print, White Shoes, Boohoo, Red Pencil Skirt

Primark, New Look, Crop Top, Nail Wraps, Cartoon Print, Pop Art

Primark, New Look, Nail Wraps, Crop Top, Cartoon Print, Pop Art

New Look, Pop Art, Cartoon Print, Nail Wraps, Nails
Top and Belt: Primark, Skirt: Jane Norman (Past Season), Shoes: Boohoo, Nail Wraps: New Look

This £4 pop-art print Primark crop top is the latest bargainous addition to my ever-expanding cartoon print clothing collection. Sadly, I seem to have missed out on the matching pencil skirt in my size, but I think a block coloured version works just as well... 

As for the nail wraps, well, how could I resist?! I'm a (whisper it) nail wrap virgin - in fact, I hardly ever do anything with my nails, since they are such slippery little blighters that nothing seems to stick to them for more than a few hours - but I'll try anything once! I was a bit dubious about how long these would last, since they didn't call for heat application or top coat - literally just stick, file off excess and go - but, at £2.99, they had to be worth a try. As suspected, my first chip appeared within a few hours, although the smallest wrap remained pristine for a day. On the plus side, application was easy, the sizes were perfect for me (I have small hands and narrow nails, and often find pre-packaged false nails too wide), and they make great "accents" to a block-coloured mani, so you don't have to use them all up at once. I think I'll add topcoat next time, though... will keep you appraised of the results! These are now sold out online, but you may still be able to pick them up in some New Look stores.

Are you a nail wrap fan? Got any top tips to share?

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  1. This outfit is just so cute! The top and skirt are adorable and you wear both well.


  2. Love how you've styled that have an amazing figure sam