Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sporty Lady

I fell in love with the sports luxe trend the second it bounded, wedge trainer clad, onto the scene in 2012, so it felt like high time to try a 2013-style update... Now that the world and her dog are dressing down formalwear with trainers, the more fashion forward are scaling the slightly less practical fashion high ground of dressing up trackie bottoms, yoga pants etc... and, for a while now, there's been a huge buzz around the "hi-low" ensemble, for which the failsafe formula appears to be trackies and/or a casual tee topped off with a shoulder-robed blazer, heels, and (optional) ladylike statement jewellery. So I finally had to pull on some tracksuit bottoms for the first time this decade... and yes, it's oddly satisfying, in a subversive-yet-conformist kinda way. Bonus points for the white heels and unerring devotion to monochrome?

Trousers (Current), Shirt and Necklace: All Primark, Shoes: Boohoo

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