Saturday, 19 April 2014

Going Dotty

Yes, it has been an age since my last post... too much time spent attempting to portray ancient Egyptian monarchs/South London hairdressers/Colombian drug barons and not nearly enough documenting my latest tartan/pinafore/scrunchie-clad exploits... But I do now have a (rather daunting) backlog of outfit shots stretching back to the end of last year to share with you... And I have at least kept up my resolution to shoot outside whenever precipitation levels permit, frozen fingers or no!

So, since I have to (re-)start somewhere, I figured I may as well go with what I wore today... The vinyl midi, as you may well remember, was an A/W favourite, but I decided to whip it out of its S/S retirement to team with this new mesh-sleeved polka dot top from H&M (a lovely surprise early Easter present from Mummy Muses) for a bit of a transitional texture mash-up... Slightly odd to be going back to (all) black at this time of year, but, as you'll no doubt see shortly, I have been fully embracing this season's white/pastel revolution, so it actually makes a nice change! And the cute velvet polka dots add a bit of springtime sass, no?

Happy Easter! Wishing you all many chocolate-filled days...

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Top: H&M (Current), Skirt and Socks: Both Primark (Past Season), Shoes: Pied A Terre (Past Season)

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