Saturday, 13 December 2014

#Nextmas Wishlist

If we're all honest with ourselves, isn't one of the best bits of Christmas still drawing up our own wishlist for Santa mum our imaginary millionairess fairygodmother? So, imagine my excitement at being given a socially acceptable excuse to do just that by Next (not to mention a chance to win one of my objets du désir)...

Clockwise from Top Left:
Aurora Stick Lamp, £25
If ever I'm in the mood to simply bask in the glow of a stunning lighting solution, I head to Next. Case in point: this bejewelled beauty.
Tassel Point Loafers, £35
'Tis the season of the pointy loafer...
Lace-Up Point Shoes, £32
And high time to update the ol' metallic brogues with a sharp new look.
Pink Perfume Box Clutch, £28
...I have been in a state of catatonic wonder since setting eyes on this clutch...
Arabella Stick Lamp, £26
Hitchcock heroine homeware.
Printed Pointed Courts, £34
Winter florals: still reigning supreme in my heart.
Sparkle Harem Trousers, £26
This year's best new festive partywear solution - the spangly jogging pant!
Black Feather Sandals, £30
Coming out of the boudoir and onto the runner-up for funnest new thing to wear to a party.
Silver Ace Playing Card Box Clutch Bag, £26
Yes, it's another dreamy clutch... cuteness. overload.

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