Sunday, 7 June 2015

Prints Charming: Styling my First Editorial...

Pattern Clash Editorial Behind the Scenes
A peek behind the scenes...

I'm sooo excited to finally be able to share the results of my first editorial shoot! Before starting at LCS - I'll be honest - the thought of styling men had never really crossed my mind, and the editorial work I'd come across by former students had left me feeling a little daunted, to say the least - could I ever hope to match that level of creativity? So the sheer amount of fun I had putting this look together came as a very big, but very pleasant, surprise (not to mention the sheer level of obsession which consumed virtually all waking (and sleeping - I genuinely dreamt of paisley) hours between brief and shoot.

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The brief was "Pattern Clash" - beyond this, we were free to take our creative vision wherever our imaginations might roam (whilst ensuring we remained within the remit of "fashion" by taking current runway and editorial trends into account). Three weeks of scouring street and web, despairing at the high street's dearth of printed menswear, setting my alarm to nab vintage gems on eBay and tarring (well, OK, glue-gunning) and feathering my favourite fedora later, and my Aristocrat on an Acid Trip look (inspired by a combination of influences from '60s psychedelia to Etro's paisley-centric rebel-luxe aesthetic) was complete. Now I just had to hope and pray for a model with long hair...

Pattern Clash Editorial 1

Result! Nevs sent over the lovely Henry Ashton, who carried off paisley-on-paisley-on-paisley-on...paisley with aplomb... with a nice little tonal gold-on-gold-on-gold touch courtesy of his luscious locks coming in as a bonus.

I think, however committed you are to your creative vision, it's tough not to second-guess your own work when it comes to the crunch, and lots of niggly little last minute doubts crowded in as the shoot approached - Does this really work with that? Is that just too much? Cravat or pussybow? Should I tilt his hat a fraction more? - to the effect that I was filled with equal parts excitement and trepidation in anticipation of the final images...

Photos: Cicci Feinstein

So for our lovely principal, Wendy, to tell me she could see this shot in a magazine, right now... I was over the moon and back! And really rather tempted to do a bit more with menswear... Do you think, if I try really hard, I can make paisley-on-paisley-on-paisley-on-paisley mainstream..?

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