Thursday, 12 May 2016

Earning My Stripes

You won't need to scroll far to discover I've always had a soft spot for a stripe - hence the purchase of this blazer, back in the mists of time when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and I still had hair down to my hips - with which I did dreadfully silly things, like attempt to tie it in a bow (scroll down - actually, please don't).

The beehive (along with the mercifully short-lived bow 'do) may be history, a baby faux hawk risen like a phoenix from the ashes, but the blazer lives on. SO... imagine my excitement on finding matching trousers on a recent trip to Primark. Seriously, like someone suddenly woke up and realised they'd forgotten to make them 3 years ago - better late than never, hey? (There is a new-style blazer too, btw, if you didn't happen to pick this one up six seasons ago!)

What to wear with a stripy suit? Well duh, more stripes, obbbvs!






Blazer, Top and Trousers: All Primark, Shoes: Truffle Collection c/o F&F (Past Season)

Check out my latest article for Yahoo! Style for more ideas on how to wear stripes this season...

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