Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to School - A Gossip Girl Style Tribute

Although 2012 brought us more than our fair share of new televisual delights - Homeland, Girls, Once Upon a Time, Revenge (of course, some of my lucky US readers may have had a sneak preview in 2011) - it also marked a sad farewell to some old favourites, notably Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl.

Initially, I sneered at the idea of watching another show about teenagers from the lofty heights of my twenties (despite the fact that, in time honoured tradition, most of the stars were my age), but as soon as I finally deigned to watch the pilot a few years in, I was hooked!

Coincidentally, over the last week or so, I've happened to notice that a few of my outfit choices have started to adhere to a formula - jumper, skirt, shirt (or just collar), lace-up shoes and, more often than not, socks. Funnily enough, I didn't have the slightest desire to wear anything remotely resembling school uniform when I was blighted by the most unflattering outfit in the history of the world 5 days a week for 5 years (not helped by the Kickers trend - anyone remember that?!), but now I can't get enough of the classic combinations, and the ways in which subtle differences in shape, fabric and adornment can give so many twists to the look - definitely too good to leave to kids!

So, in honour of the show that brought us the style ambassadors that are Blake Lively and Leighton Meester (and my future husband, Chace Crawford), in this back-to-school week, I give you my Gossip Girl-inspired uniform-for-grown-ups (and no, I don't think I'll be dressing as a "desperate housewife" in a future post).

Blair - Queen Bee

Never less than perfectly polished, with a ladylike vintage feel, more than a dash of the Grace Kellys, the requisite Alice band and the even-more-requisite air of superiority.

Skirt and Belt: Primark (Current), Jumper: Primark (Past Season), Collar: H&M (Current), Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (Past Season), Socks: Topshop (Past Season), Hair Band: New Look* (Current), Gloves: Accessorize (Past Season)

Serena - Modern Fairytale Princess

The tousled-to-perfection, troubled-but-free-spirited eternal romantic.

Skirt: Boohoo (Past Season), Jumper: Marks & Spencer (Past Season), Shirt: New Look (Past Season), Collar Tips: Primark (Current), Socks: Primark (Past Season), Shoes: Peacocks (Past Season)

Jenny - Rebellious Rock Chick Fashionista

What more to say? I wasn't a huge Jenny fan to be perfectly honest, but I am a fan of spikes and leather, so any excuse!

Skirt: Primark (Current), Jumper: Primark (Past Season), Collar: Boohoo (Current), Hair Band and Boots: Boohoo** (Current)

*Part of my #NLXmasHair Winner's Haul
**Part of my Boohoo #PartyPose People's Choice Winner's Haul


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  1. oh I love Gossip Girl, shame it finished. I stick with Queen B for day and most night outfits and also Serena on some night ones.


    1. Ah yeah, Queen B is definitely my go-to daytime style queen! But I love all three styles for how they can reflect different moods and aspects of my personality xx

  2. Your outfits are super cute! I love Gossip Girl and that kind of "preppy" styles :)

  3. Nice! I love the blair and jenny outfit :)

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  4. third outfit is my favorite! love the skirt and detail on your collar! very school girl chic ;) kisses from Las Vegas


  5. I like outfit #4 :-)

    PS: I'm way past my twenties and love, love the Vampire Diaries!


  6. love you looks)especially the third one :)

    xoxo Christy

  7. I love the Jenny look, especially those heels - amazing!!

  8. Very cute!!!^^
    i love it ;)


  9. This is such a fun and creative post. I lve the Blair outfit the most.

  10. So nice!!
    Love Jenny's outfit.


  11. my favorite is the Blair one!

  12. Jenny rocks :) I love this skirt <3

    I'm following You, You can follow me if You want :)

    Kisses from Poland :*

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :) Great to hear what you all think! xx

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