Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes...

It's not an exaggeration to say that shoes were my first love - before I gave a fig about bags, belts or the nuances of necklines, my heart used to skip a beat when I came across an Office ad in Just Seventeen. My growing obsession with clothes and accessories in all their forms has eclipsed my footwear-mania in recent years, but my shoes and boots are still my babies - asking me to choose a favourite pair from my collection of c.100 is like asking someone to name their favourite child! But, having being challenged to do just that by Next and Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream (for the chance to win £500 worth of new ones!), I've given the unthinkable some thought...

My collection spans all heel heights and the gamut of styles, from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga (I really wanted to show you more of them, but I think I need my own photography studio for that... or an aircraft hangar). There are so many different forms of shoe love - for the ones that go with anything, the ones that add half a foot to your leg length, the ones you can barely walk in but are content just to stare at (and occasionally sacrifice your sanity to wear), the ones that let you trudge through puddles and snow without stripping you of your painstakingly sharpened edge...

But in the end I decided on the pair that allow me to shop (my most basic need, besides food and sleep). Despite more than a decade spent clambering into all manner of wondrous creations, my feet stubbornly refuse to acclimatise to the lowest of heels for longer than about 30 minutes of sustained walking/meandering - which is clearly a major obstacle to my favoured 8-hour-long shopathons. In this respect, these super-soft Topshop ballet pumps have been a lifesaver. I picked them up on a shopping trip with my mum in Croydon a year or two ago, when, only a couple of stores in, the deceptively torturous pumps I was wearing were already making me want to cry. They saved the day, and I've relied on them more times than I can count since, on so many days when boots or trainers would have been sartorially and/or meteorologically inappropriate.

Their classic style and neutral shade work with nearly any outfit, but, sadly, "real" ballet flats like these don't last forever... So, on the lookout for my next foot-saving pair, I've been tempted by these gorgeous T-bar flats, £30, from Next - again, their elegant style and tones make them the perfect base for nearly all sartorial accompaniments, but their vintage-chic twist would also be a boon for those occasions/outfits when ballet slippers just aren't "grown-up" or special enough, and the gorgeous metallic touches would even see you through dinner and drinks! I've always loved the classic '30s style T-bar heel, but I'm even more in love with the new wear-anywhere versions - first the M&S wedge, and now flats, thank the Lord! Whilst they would work with a billion and one outfits, I've also put together my perfect throw-it-on spring/summer shopping-to-evening ensemble to go with them...

Aaand just for good measure, here are my other top lust-haves from Next's new collection - I've always had a soft spot for their shoes - have cherished the pewter ankle cuff ones, above, for about 5 years now!

  1. Mesh Shoe Boots, £40: You can't beat a good shoe boot - the mesh detailing gives these a sexy edge, perfect with a sports luxe look or leather, or to funk up an LBD. They also come in nude, perfect for more summery ensembles.
  2. Glitzy Mid Heel Peep Toe Shoes, £32: Glittery midi heels - what a wonderful idea - feel like Cinderella without hobbling around like an evil witch by closing time! These would probably withstand low intensity daytime activities too... fancy adding some sparkle to your summer dress anyone? Also available in black.
  3. Black Lace Peep Toe Court Shoes, £35: I'm a huge fan of black lace, and of the platform peep-toe - together they make the perfect elegant-but-sexy heel - great with formal wear, or to dress up an office-y outfit for a night out.
  4. Shimmer Noodle Strap Sandals, £38: The ultimate killer heel - I can see these with pale lace for a twist on a sweet spring/summer look, or with a leather pencil skirt for the ultimate knockout combo! Also available in silver.

To be in with a chance of bagging yourself a £500 Next gift card to spend on a new shoe-drobe, check out the details on Laura's blog.

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  1. What great shoes, I am obsessed and would love to see more!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Thanks Kelly :) I'll do my best to try and shoe-blog a little more often ;) xx

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  8. You have such a wide variety of shoes! I'm so jealous!

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