Saturday, 24 August 2013

4 More Ways to Wear a 3D Floral Skirt

A couple of months ago, I bought this long-lusted-after fairytale-esque 3D floral skirt from Boohoo, along with the matching sweatshirt (see them together in this post). Temperatures have since prohibited the wearing of anything tagged with the word "sweat", so skirtie's had to go solo...

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Crop Star

Skirt: Boohoo, Top: Quiz, Shoes: Marks & Spencer

As you may remember me warning you in my original post, the inside waistband of this skirt is rather scratchy - however, thankfully, the purchase of some exceptionally gorgeous high-waisted knickers (Bridget would be proud) has eliminated the problem, allowing me to crop 'til I drop - hoorah!

Midas Touch

Skirt: As Above, Top: Forever 21, Shoe Boots: Primark

This T-shirt has been enjoying something of a renaissance this season, I know! Who knew a loose metallic tee was such a wardrobe essential? The sad thing is, I can't actually wear it in "real life", since the metallic sheen has rubbed off in certain key areas... doesn't show up in photos though, so I'm getting as much wear out of it as I can! Any block-coloured loose tee would look good with this skirt... The boots edge it up a bit - though I think this is as far as I dare to push such a girly item!

Kimono Krusade

Skirt: As Above, Kimono: F&F, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Crown: Primark

Guess who's back? Jeez, someone's going to accuse me of having a capsule wardrobe soon... You really need to join the kimono club yourself to understand the bond between owner and silky Oriental floral.

Oreo Odyssey

Skirt: As Above, Shirt and Shoes: Both Primark, Hair Band: Accessorize (Past Season)

Yes, still indulging my mono-mania! Since the cream shades in the shirt and shoes both happened to match the skirt exactly, it would have been rude not to... I'm almost looking forward to it finally getting colder again so I can team up with black opaques and sweaters for an AW mono look!

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  1. I do love that skirt because it has such wonderful texture.


    1. It is so unusual isn't it? I just fell in love!