Wednesday, 7 August 2013

£6.89 Zara Skort Dupe

Yes, the skort brigade has gained a new recruit! I wasn't too sure about the style initially, but, as per usual, indoctrination has been swift and relatively painless... it is a pretty ingenious idea, after all - updating the micro mini with not only a contemporary graphic flavour, but a design which allows you to ride out a heatwave with no concerns re: potential flashing! I very nearly snapped up the original (when it was, if you can believe it, in stock). At Zara's virtual checkout, though, I have to admit I balked at the delivery charge (a pet hate, unless I can hunt out a discount code to bypass them) and decided to try my luck on eBay... Amidst the originals selling for twice the original £25.99 price tag (seriously?), I spotted a crop of Eastern dupes going for less than £7, with FREE delivery (making Zara's £3.95 shipping charge appear all the more unjust)! Had to be worth a try at that price... 

In terms of appearance, comfort and fit? Pretty close to perfect. And you can't really argue with a 7 day international turnover time. If you do go for a dupe, make sure you check the size chart, ensuring that the hip measurement will accommodate you - Asian sizing is smaller than Western/Zara sizing, so you'll probably need to go up a size or two. Some of the stitching could be better though... the first time I flopped onto the sofa in it, I ended up with an, ahem, crotchless skort - so much for no concerns re: flashing! 

Pre-unintentional-customisation, I'd decided to pair it with my trusty kimono to play on the origami feel... Can't wait to explore its potential further... once a few minor repairs have been carried out, that is!

eBay, Zara Skort, Dupe, Mini, Ecru, F&F, Tesco, Kimono, Florals, White Shoes, Courts, Court, Cut-Out Sides, Sam Muses, UK Fashion Blog, London Blogger, How to Wear

eBay, Zara Skort, Dupe, Mini, White, Ecru, Sam Muses, UK Fashion Blog, London Blogger, How to Wear

eBay, Zara Skort, Dupe, Mini, White, Ecru, Sam Muses, UK Fashion Blog, London Blogger, How to Wear
Skort: eBay, Kimono: F&F, Shoes: Boohoo

Have you been seduced by the skort?

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  1. Me encantan estos short papiro y sientan genial.

  2. Replies
    1. Medium (I'm usually a UK 8-10) - there's a size chart near the bottom of the page on eBay; most important thing is to make sure the hip measurement of the size you choose is the same as or bigger than your hip measurement at the widest point :)

  3. hi I'm looking to buy this but was wondering if its see through or not? sometimes White clothing can be :) x

    1. It is a little - I haven't had any problems in terms of underwear, but my striped bodysuit did show through!