Saturday, 12 September 2015

"Shortcuts" to New Season Style...

Every 6 months, we start talking about that "tricky transitional" period between seasons, but I think this month has seen me waste more frantic minutes darting between the Met Office iPhone app and increasing-by-the-second pile of discarded-in-despair clothes on the bed/floor/cat than ever before. But the upside is that all those too-toasty-for-summer-but-insubstantial-for-winter ensembles have come into their own - sleeveless coats and gilets are GO!

And to address the elephant in the post - yes, I have had another little new season makeover myself, c/o my latest hair modelling job - and it's only a tiny bit annoying that Justin Bieber had to go and get virtually the same haircut... and then style it like a troll doll.

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Dress: F&F (Past Season), Gilet: H&M, Shoes: Primark

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  1. Love your hair cut! I have been eyeing pixie cuts ever since Michelle Williams graced the ads for Louis Vuitton .. but .. I always chicken out! One day .. one day :-P


    1. Thanks Monica! Ha, I'd been telling myself I'd go for it one day ever since Michelle Williams went for the chop too ;-) But then I'd have nightmares about it!! Thankfully none since I actually went for it though :-) You should try it, it's very liberating!