Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sixties Pixie

A year ago, my locks might have given Rapunzel a run for her money but, believe it or not, since my recent cut (live on stage; no mirror - I do like that added element of drama when it comes to my trims), my only grievance had been that my hair was too long (untangling it from my own/other people's elbows I'd become resigned to over the years, but from my own eyelashes - that I can't deal with). So, making full use of my London Fashion Week press pass (more to come on that as soon as I have a minute, but you can check out some of my adventures here), I enlisted the complimentary services of one of Toni & Guy's senior stylists to transform my new 'do from mop to pixie crop (yes, I am now more accustomed to BEING paid to have my hair done, but I was pretty happy with the compromise).

And I love... Aside from the 30 second drying time (and the no-second brush time - a year ago, it was 60 minutes - no joke), the best thing is the effort-free refresh it's given my wardrobe! Everything just instantly looks that little bit cooler, and I can somehow get away with ensembles previously dismissed as too far over the Barbie-does-dress-up line. But my very favourite thing has to be the added pop it gives to '60s style ensembles - now, I'm not saying I'll be packing up my flares and bell-sleeves... (heaven forbid) ...but I am frantically digging out those neglected A-line shifts and mini-skirts - gotta love a bit of fash decade-hopping...

26 September 2_1

26 September 6

26 September 4
Dress and Top: Both Primark (Past Season), Shoes: Marks & Spencer

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  1. The dress is darling. You hair cut is stunning. Looks beautiful from head to toe.

    xo, Haylee