Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to Wear a Tutu: 7 More Ways

I've been slightly obsessed with the idea of wafting around dressed as Margot Fonteyn since, ooh, the early nineties (playschool me was sooo ahead of Carrie), but my tutu cravings reached boiling point this year, only to be sated by this amazing Izabel skirt, reduced to £8 in the Debenhams sale! The finishing of its satin underskirt isn't the best, and you have to work around a not-too-pretty black elastic waistband, but, at this price, I still count it a gift from heaven!

It's proved a lot more versatile than the Sugar Plum Fairy costume piece you might easily mistake it for too - to be honest, I'd quite happily wear it every day (and if I had come across it in 1991, I'm not sure it would ever have been possible to prise me out of it)! You may have already seen it paired with my new denim Western shirt here, or layered over my Barbie T-shirt dress in this post, but here are seven more ways I've worn it so far...

1. Off-Duty Ballerina

Skirt: Izabel London, Jumper and Shoes: Both Primark (Current), Hair Band: New Look

2. La Parisienne

Skirt: As Above, Top: New Look, Shoes, Belt and Necklace: Primark, Beret: Marks & Spencer

3. Blazer and Bling

Skirt and Shoes: As Above, T-Shirt: New Look, Collar and Blazer: Peacocks, Belt: New Look (from Gilet)

4. Peplum Princess

Skirt: As Above, Top: Primark, Belt: H&M (Past Season), Shoes: Marks & Spencer (Past Season)

5. Sheer Wonder

Skirt: As Above, Top and Shoes: Primark (Past Season), Belt: Peacocks (Past Season)

6. Zip It

Skirt: As Above, Top: New Look (Past Season), Belt: ASOS (Past Season), Shoes: New Look + D.I.Y. (See This Post)

7. Danseuse

Skirt: As Above, Body: Miss Selfridge (Past Season), Belt and Earrings: Primark, Shoes: Topshop (Past Season)

How would you wear yours? Now that it's (finally) starting to warm up a bit, I think I'd like to try moving away from more polished looks to see how it looks with a relaxed jersey vest or crop top, and maybe even trainers... I love the effortless elegance and (surprising) wearability of this ankle-length cut, but I do have my eye on a just-above- or below-the-knee version for summer... and just maybe I'll dare to dig out my frothy pink mini again...? 

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  1. Such a beautiful skirt, you look great!

  2. love this tutu skirt...Reminds me of SATC Movie where carrie wore something similar

    1. Thanks Jeeda - ooh I will have to watch it again just to check it out ;)