Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review: Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliqués

Having spent... ooh... a third of my life thus far (conservative estimate!) perfecting the liquid liner flick (initially, my only option was to whack it on as best I could, then carefully dab concealer over the uneven edges), I'm now a confident habitual user and abuser. However, I'd never been able to make much of a statement with glitter - imagining fairy-dust-framed peepers, I've invested in a few glittery liners, but only ever been able to make out a few ill-defined flakes post-application - harrumph. Enter Glam Republic, and their glitter eyeliner appliqués, launched last year - my grandmother meant to pop these in my Christmas stocking, but discovered them lurking in a drawer 3 months later and presented them to me at Easter instead! I'd not heard a whisper of such creations myself, but then she's often ahead of the times! Since they're re-usable, I wasn't about to wait for next Christmas to try them out, or, in fact, any occasion necessitating the vacation of my bedroom.
Glam Republic


The appliqués are already sticky, but come with a little pot of adhesive for extra security and future use (just like false lash glue) - it took me a few attempts to position them correctly, so I needed to use a little of the additional adhesive on the inner corners, but that set them up for the day.

Just like false lashes, you can trim them to fit your lids if they're too long, but for me they were fine, if not a little shorter than I would have liked - I had just a few more millimetres of bare lid at the inner corners than I would have chosen.


They certainly succeed in creating a defined, dramatic outline and flick, which doesn't look "stuck-on", but would be very difficult to achieve using make-up. My sensitive skin wasn't at all irritated, although I was "aware" of the appliqués whilst wearing them.

In full-length outfit photos, they didn't make the statement I expected, perhaps being too close to my skin tone (I was wearing them in my last post, with my Primark disco pants, but you can't really tell can you?). However, they're definitely dramatic enough to give oodles of pow factor in "real life"!

Removal and Re-Use

A light tug-and-peel had them off with no adverse effects on either lids or liner, and they are now awaiting their next outing (which may actually involve facing the outside world) - you can store them on their backing paper, or on a mirror (one of mine has somehow migrated from my mirror to a lamp - beware, they have a life of their own!).

The Rest of the Range

Eye appliqués are also available in silver glitter, and in classic black in a variety of shapes and finishes - see the full range here. I'm intrigued by the double sets featuring both thick and fine lines - would love to try them out together, top and bottom (I still struggle a bit with lining my lower lids, since my lashes tend to cause some splatter!) for a subtle(ish) sixties look... Glam Republic also produce false lashes, body transfers and Jessie J-esque lip appliqués (which I am dying to try!!)


In the UK, Glam Republic eye products are stocked in Boots (buy my gold glittery ones online for £5.99) and Superdrug (currently selling black versions in classic, glitter and velvet finishes on their website, from £2.49 apiece). You can also find them in Capello Point stores in Italy, and DI stores in Belgium, and they're apparently arriving in the USA and France soon. Definitely worth a try if you struggle with liquid liner and/or glitter, or just want hassle-free instant glam - and pretty good value considering their indefinite lifespan!

What would your dream eyeliner design look like? I'd love to see a few more colours and experimental graphic designs added to this (already amazing) range.

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  1. Wow these look amazing!! I want to try them out but I'm so bad with things like this, I can't do eyelashes or eyeliner without messing it up!

    1. Thanks Roxii! It can take a few attempts to get them in the right place, but I'd say they were easier to use than lashes as they're thicker (which also means it's easier to hide any glue splodges haha!)

  2. The liner appliqués are pretty cool! I can only do one eye really great with a wing and then have a hard time matching the other side - so I don't usually bother. But with appliqués .. my liner would be even ;-)


    1. True - I often end up alternating between eyes making each line thicker and thicker until they match, so these also end the need for that!!