Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: Primark Disco Pants (Yep, They're Red!)

On my last central London shopping trip, I finally found a lone pair of Primark's new £16 disco pants in my size! Of all the colours on offer (black, cobalt blue and silver/graphite), red wouldn't have been my first choice, but I was prepared to settle for anything sporting that ever-elusive size tag, and, having got them home and popped them on with the £2(!) cartoon print crop top I'd also picked up, was actually kinda glad they'd been forced upon me (and not-very-well resisted!) - they're so perfect for this spring's cartoon super hero vibe!

Disco Pants, Top and Trainers: All Primark (Current)

Wonder Woman Hoody: Primark (Past Season)

Shoes: New Look (Past Season)
Boots: Boohoo (Current)

Battle of the Bargain Dupes

But is the quality worth the saving? Daisy Street's dupes (reviewed here), which, you may recall, I was rather delighted with, are currently Primark's closest competitor in terms of price, at £22.99. The Daisy Street versions sit slightly higher on the waist, which I prefer, and have a slightly thicker waistband and larger, more rounded pockets, which tend to be more flattering, but the material used in the Primark pants is thicker, and they offer a bit more length to play around with, plus absolutely no ankle gape (not that the Daisy Streets gape, but the hems on these are super slim)!

Although other bloggers have found Primark's disco pants a small fit, I found them true to size, veering toward generous, especially in the waist area (I bought these in an 8, the size of 90% of my clothes, but I occasionally need a 6 to fit my waist, or a 10 to fit my hips or bust), and definitely larger than their Daisy Street counterparts. So they won't pull you in as much around the waist/tummy area, but you won't have to deal with any of that fly-stretching zip-pulling-to-the-side hassle.

Overall, I'd wholeheartedly recommend them as a great dupe, even disregarding the price tag! Personally, I think I very slightly prefer the fit of the Daisy Street dupes, but, taking the nearly-30% saving into account, I'll definitely be snapping up the Primark versions in their full range of colourways if and when they appear in my size! Realllly hoping they bring some more colours out soon too - my wardrobe is crying out for shiny khaki!

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  1. My goodness those disco pants are incredible and fabulous.

  2. i had no idea primark were doing disco pants! i've been wanting to try them for a while so i guess its the perfect opportunity!


  3. I keep seeing these in Primark but I have the same problem as you, never in my size! It's so frustrating, I really want them in navy!

    They look amazing on! I wouldn't mind getting red as these look so good on you!!


    1. Thanks Roxii! Ah I know, I wanted them in silver/graphite, but really pleased with the red, and don't think I would have gone for them if there'd been blues or silvers in my size!

  4. Um, wow! I've not seen disco pants in Primark yet despite hearing so many wonderful things. xx

    1. They don't seem to have rolled them out to the smaller stores yet, which is frustrating - I've only seen them in Oxford Street so far, but they are definitely popular, so here's hoping they appear in all branches (and all sizes) soon!

  5. great outfit
    love your pant and your blog is great