Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Trophy Boyfriend (Jeans)

I actually invested in these embellished "new-style" boyfriend jeans soon after featuring them in my Primark High Summer 13 post, but have paradoxically found the supposedly free and easy style rather less than easy to wear, and especially to photograph! Much as I love them, the combination of low-rise waist, cropped length, light wash and tapering cut, multiplied by a high waist-hip differential and fairly muscular thighs, can easily equal a somewhat stumpy look, even at 5'7+!

However, I believe I have now perfected the trophy boyfriend formula, for those of us with less "boyish" frames to hang them on:

Simply top with 1 relaxed (but not tent-like) top, iced, if desired, with 1 blazer-worn-as-cape (these will balance out the increased volume of your lower half and soften the line of the waistband, without swamping you). Garnish with 1 pair of heels (not necessarily essential - I have quite happily worn these out with brogues, but it really isn't as photogenic!). Optional: Perfect breezy-blogger legs-crossed-at-ankle pose.

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Jeans, Shoes and Blazer: All Primark, T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Do you have a trophy boyfriend formula? Denim or romantic, I'm all ears!

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