Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Disco Jeans...

Disco jeans, tube pants, high-waisted skinnies - whatever you want to call them, I have been in search of the perfect pair all year. Not much of a jeans girl in general (with the wealth of other options available for encasing one's legs, they usually strike me as an obscene waste of half an outfit, unless they happen to be brightly coloured, patterned or smothered in gold foil, pearls or the like), I nevertheless find it impossible to avoid the allure of the high-waisted, bodycon "disco" silhouette on any garment, and if anything is going to prove a more versatile wardrobe staple than the disco pant, it may well be the disco jean...

But while it's now easy as pie to snag a good quality pair of disco pants at a bargain basement price, high street dupes for American Apparel's disco pant sibling style, the Easy Jean, are still running to play catch up.

I have tried, and rejected: River Island's Tube Pants, Topshop's Joni Jeans and Primark's Super High Waist Skinny Jeans. Now, I know there are zillions of satisfied purchasers of all the above out there, but, for me, the RI and Primark versions aren't stretchy or "disco-ey" enough in structure, whilst the Jonis are far too stretchy and legging-like. Oh dear, I am starting to sound a little like Goldilocks here (and yes, I do have the same problem with porridge)...

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The Contenders...

Based on extensive visual assessment of the other options available online, I decided to order Missguided's Cessie Stone Wash Disco Jeans (above right, and below), back in May. Exactly what I was after in terms of look and fit, except for one tiny problem - I couldn't sit down in them without the weird popper button fastening unpopping itself and the flimsy zip ripping open in the middle! Now, I'll admit, I may have been able to avoid this problem had I sized up to fit my hips rather than my waist, but the fit on the legs and waist was perfect - if only the material had slightly more "give", or the fastenings were more sturdy! I'm hanging onto them for now, in the hopes of one day losing the elusive half inch which may fix my zipper issue (I'm pleased to report that the popper, at least, is now holding its own!). But, in the meantime, the search continued...

Jeans: Missguided, Top: Primark, Boots: Peacocks (Past Season)

Last week, my quest took me to New Look's kids' section - at 5'7, I'd never imagined I could get away with childrens' jeans, but, bolstered by excitement over my recent teen buys, coupled with desperation re: the (lack of) disco jeans situation, I figured it was worth a try, at least! Imagine my excitement on discovering these acid wash age-14 beauties (along with some gorrrgeous age-13 skinny denim dungarees, to be featured imminently!). They may be a little shorter on me than intended, but I'm actually finding the slightly cropped length rather chic, in a Parisienne-type way! They're also a little lower-rise than I usually prefer in a high-waisted garment, but I'm embracing the '90s vibe! These are much softer, thinner and stretchier than the Missguided versions, making them super comfortable, whilst they still look like jeans, rather than leggings! Loving them with crop tops and trainers for a casual feel, and tucked-in tops with heels or brogues for a more grown up look... These are definitely going to be an all-year-round wardrobe staple - watch this space! 

Jeans: New Look (Teens), Top and Trainers: Both Primark

Jeans: New Look (Teens), Top: Dorothy Perkins, Jacket: Daisy Street, Hat and Shoes: Primark

Has your denim gone disco?

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  1. No disco jeans for me. I tend to stick with boot cut or boyfriend.

    You look great though! I do love your white wedge sneakers.


  2. Amazing outfits :)
    I definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo Nancy S.

    1. Thanks honey, I will check out your blog now :)

  3. I love disco jeans. Yet to find d perfect ones for me tho.
    Love the way these fits u.

    1. Thanks Porsh! Aw, I hope you find your perfect pair soon - why does it have to be so difficult?!