Sunday, 16 June 2013

Teenage Dream: This Month's Star "Stolen from the Kids" Buys

Despite being the proud owner of an M&S Kids' dogtooth mini and Tammy denim shirt, I often forget to nose around the under-16s sections (aka secret weapon of the size-10-and-unders). Until, that is, a vision of loveliness like this neon lace dress literally stops. me. in. my. tracks. I'd vaguely wanted a neon lace frock for a while, but hadn't had my fancy caught for more than a second - this coral pink, age 14-15 Tammy number, though, serendipitously glimpsed on a shortcut through BHS, was The One. And it was only £14-15 (£14.40 to be precise)!

I'd say it has more "wow" factor in real life - photos can't quite seem to capture its full fluorescence wondrousness... but it's already proving to be a surprisingly versatile addition to my summer 'drobe (101 more ways to wear coming soon!) - definitely wasted on kids (though, if you happened to have an 8-9 year-old who could wear matching outfits, that would be quite fun).

Dress: Tammy at BHS (Available Here), Necklace: Primark + DIY (See Here), Belt: Primark, Shoes c/o F&F at Tesco (Available Here)

For obvious reasons, this got me panicking about what else I might be missing in those other uncharted high street kids' divisions, so, during a rather mediocre episode of The Voice, I took the opportunity to browse New Look's Teens selection online - you could have knocked me down with a feather when I came across the same polka dot crop top I'd drooled over in my local shop window for weeks but for some reason never seen inside - I was looking in the wrong place! A few clicks later, another sub-£15 designed-for-sub-15-year-olds gem was winging its way across land and sea (OK, maybe just the M25) to my door.

Top: New Look (Available Here), Palazzo Pants, Belt and Shoes: All Primark (Past Season)

How cute? It has elasticated straps and a stretchy back section to enhance the fit, although I did have to add  a strategically placed safety pin to avoid between-button gaping over my not-quite-child-sized chest! Interestingly, I've noticed that crop tops like these, with relatively high (but not turtle-neck) necklines, and which are slightly longer than average, seem to have a "minimising" effect, which might not be music to the ears of genuine teens, but is a useful tool in the fashion arsenal for those of us who like to rock a more demure look on occasion!

Do you ever venture into the "sized-by-height" departments of your favourite high street shops (whilst the actual teens are furtively splashing their allowances in the adult section)? I probably wouldn't have believed, as a 13-year-old finally over the threshold of the Topshop changing rooms, that, another lifetime on, and even more obsessed with fashion, I'd be shopping in Tammy again, eager as a 10-year-old - such is life!

Also in my teenage dreams tonight - from Tammy, this gorgeous sixties style cobalt blue swing shift, this ridiculously chic monochrome ponte dress and this Kardash-a-like all-over-sequin number; and from New Look Teens, more ridic cute spotted chambray in the form of this sleeveless tie-up shirt and these high-waisted culottes - sigh...

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  1. That pink dress is really nice. Have a great day.

  2. Lovely dress.

  3. The pink lace dress is so pretty and goes great with your DIY painted necklace.