Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review: Boohoo Pinafore Dungarees

As you may know, I had one eye on the dungaree trend before it exploded onto the mainstream, so was devastated when the low-rise, light-wash-denim versions that first appeared on the scene coloured me more "Window Cleaner Barbie" than effortlessly-cool-ironic-fashionista, a la the boyish types I've seen stalking down the high street in those £17 Primark ones - grr.

Never one to take no for an answer when it comes to finding a way to force a trend to work for me, however, an exhaustive pounding of the streets/web threw up Topshop's higher-waisted, peg-legged pinafore-style versions - perfect, but for one minor factor - a price tag in excess of £50... sorry, unacceptable, Toppers! But then... up stepped Boohoo with these - matching, and even exceeding the plus points of the Topshop Pinis (well, how cute are those ruched ankles?), for a mere £25! I was lucky/eagle-eyed enough to spy out the white versions before Little Mix's stylist, thus beating the hordes of Jade copycats who now seem to have bought out the lot, but you can still get them in black (pretty sure I need to invest for A/W!).

The pinafore-cut and tailoring make these a lot more flattering than those low-slung denim versions for those of us with curves: emphasising the waist and hips, whilst the slouchy fit of the trouser section still gives you that carefree "not-even-trying" vibe. If you're over 5'7 and/or a D cup, I'd advise going up a size (I went for 10 rather than 8 after noting that the model seemed to be sizing up!) to retain the slouchy feel and adequate leg length. Each shoulder strap has 2 button fastenings to choose from so that you can adjust the length, but if you still need them slightly longer (as a 32E, I did), simply fasten each one to the fitting on the same side, rather than crossing them first. Overall, a highly recommended buy (and yes, you will be seeing a lot more of them worn in a few zillion different ways soon!).

Dungarees: Boohoo (Available Here), Top: Quiz (Available Here), Shoes: Pied A Terre (Past Season), Hair Band: New Look

Have you tried out the dungaree trend yet?

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  1. Cute! I was on someones blog and she said something like 'the return of overalls' and I was like noooooo !! But your version is quite cute & stylish! More classic than farmers overalls.


    1. Haha thanks Monica! I was dubious at first too, but then I became determined to find a way to make them work with my style!!

  2. No and I won't be but these do look fab on you! x