Thursday, 13 June 2013

DIY Studded Beanie

The second product of last weekend's DIY power hour (and a half) was a newly spiky incarnation of my newly beloved grey beanie (don't worry pinky, I have big plans for you too). My personal preference when it comes to DIY is maximum bang-for-buck in terms of time and effort (as well as bucks), and studding fits the bill perfectly. I used the studs left over from embellishing this dress - definitely purchasing more for future projects!

You Will Need:

  • Beanie (I was lucky enough to pick this one up in my New Look AW13 Preview goody bag, but you can get it for £4.99 here)
  • Studs (available from eBay here)
  • Knife (you'll only need to use the handle, so any kind, preferably blunt!)

How To:

I used exactly the same procedure as I did when customising the dress in my earlier post - it doesn't really get much easier!

  1. Decide where to position your studs - the ribs on this beanie are a helpful spacing guide!
  2. If studding the turn-up, turn hem up to desired level (I kept my studs fairly close to the edge so that I could vary the width of my turn-up). Make sure your folding is fairly even!
  3. One at a time, fix studs in desired positions by simply pushing their four "legs" through the fabric. Partially flip the turn-up back over so that you can press the legs down and in on the underside to secure. Use a knife handle to save your fingers the stress (or anything else you have to hand - I used a plundered gift card which was lying around after falling victim to an earlier online spree!).

Such a simple yet satisfying way to give pretty much anything a facelift... and I just noticed these neon versions - oooooh... Have you got your stud on yet? 

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