Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bargain Alert: Missguided's £5.99 Metallic Skater Skirts

When I first noticed coloured metallic skater minis taking over the blogosphere, I was admittedly dubious about the prospect of donning what appeared to be, to all intents and purposes, a Quality Street wrapper as a skirt. However, as is my mind's typical course in such circumstances, fear and horror were swiftly transmuted into lust and longing... Then, trawling through the Missguided Sale, I came across these laser-cut beauties reduced to £5.99; for less than £8 including delivery, I figured there was no better opportunity to indulge my inner sweetie.

Available in silver, gold, black, lilac, blue and lime, I was instantly drawn to the gold (how perfectly it would have matched my new courts, sigh...), which was unfortunately out of stock in my size... Deciding that the silver was too close in style to my pleated silver skater, and that I really had enough black skirts, I resolved to be brave and try one of the rainbow brights... My inner Barbie couldn't resist the lilac!

I did anticipate that it would be harder to style than a more typical metallic shade like gold or silver (without looking like I was off to the Year 4 Disco), but, at this price, it was a challenge I couldn't resist! I've seen other bloggers rocking similar skirts with all kinds of amazing "anything goes" combos, but I think pairing its ultra-cute-'n'-girly-ness with long blonde hair means you need to be a little more careful with the styling, if you want to avoid people assuming your outfit came in a pink box attached to cardboard backing with twine. Not to be deterred, my lilac lovely found its perfect partner in my new 3D floral sweater (er, yes, I know it's featured in the last 3 posts, different top next time, promise!) - even though it's also kinda cutesy, I feel like the matte texture, neutral shade and slouchy feel balance out the skirt's high shine and mini length, whilst allowing me to retain its fun, girly feel.

P.S. It was a little creased from being folded in transit (I couldn't wait to wear it!), but the folds do hang out, and don't look as bad in real life!

Skirt: Missguided (Available Here), Top: Boohoo, Shoes: Primark (Past Season)

Have you given the sweetie wrapper skirt a whirl? How do/would you wear yours?

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  1. That skirt is wow.

  2. I'm fascinated with the material .. so shinny! Looks amazing on you (me .. not so much .. lol).


    1. Ah thanks Monica :) It was so unusual I couldn't resist giving it a try!