Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: Primark Disco Shorts and Charcoal Disco Pants

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into Primark Oxford Street to be greeted by the glorious sight of rack upon rack of disco pants in all shades (including a new emerald variety) and all sizes... accompanied by a full complement of... *drumroll* ... disco shorts (well, almost - the black ones had predictably been pillaged)!

I'd been after a silvery-grey pair of disco pants all year, so popped a pair into my basket, along with the matching shorts (I would have started my collection with black, but needs must). You may have already read my review of Primark's red disco pants here, but since discovering that the various components of their disco range may well be cut from the same cloth, but not to quite the same pattern, I decided that the new pieces merited their own evaluation...

The Shorts

Disco Shorts and Top: Both Primark, Beanie: New Look, Boots: Peacocks (Past Season)

I was surprised to find that these aren't simply a shorter version of the pants - they come up a lot bigger than both the charcoal and red disco pants on me, so don't really "pull in" in the same way, and have a tendency to ride up due to the generous fit at the waist. The pockets also seem to sit a little higher. 

The cut is pretty much indistinguishable from the American Apparel originals, but this does make them rather "cheeky"! Unless you're a real exhibitionist/trapeze artist, you'll probably want to slip tights underneath to preserve your modesty (tip: footless tights tend not to sport that ugly band at the top of the thighs!). Overall, a great value dupe (£12 to AA's £50), but worth trying before buying! Daisy Street appear to cut their £14.99 versions below "cheek level", which may be more conducive to public settings?!

The Pants

Disco Pants, Top, Trainers and Necklace (Pre-DIY!): All Primark, Beanie and Bracelet: Both New Look

The matching disco pants, on the other hand, turned out to be a significantly smaller fit than either the shorts or my original red disco pants, especially below the knee! Still comfortable, but stress around the ankle/lower calf area when pulling them on caused the seams to split in a couple of places the first two times I wore them, so they sadly already need to be mended/reinforced, an issue I've never experienced with the red ones! Otherwise, the quality and cut (aside from being generally smaller) is similar. As I said in my last review, at £17, I can still see myself eventually purchasing the whole range, although I am trying to pace myself!

Have you disco-ed down to Primark for your dancing trews yet?

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  1. I got the disco pants in black. Seeing as i'm fairly tall i got a size 12 so they wouldn't come up to short or ankle bitery (real word? i think not).

    I love mine but they are too big around the ankles!

    Not bad for the price though X

    1. Haha - "ankle bitery" is the perfect term! These are fine once you get them on, as long as you can get them over your heels without splitting the seams! But the ankles on the red ones were perfect - you're in for a surprise whatever colour you get I guess ;)

  2. I'm thinking of buying a pair in black but was wondering if they are seethrough?:)

    1. No, they're not - well, I suppose in flash photos you can make out the inside label - but you don't need to worry about what colour underwear to wear, put it that way ;)