Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sneak Preview: Primark AW13 Lookbook and Top Picks

Next week, Primark's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection will start filtering into stores. Now, I bought a faux fur coat in Primark on the hottest day of the year last summer, so season-appropriateness doesn't really factor into my purchasing habits - if something is pretty and under £25, it's probably going in the basket, whether I can actually wear it in the current ambient climate, or whether it's an "investment buy" destined simply to be adored from a distance for a few months. So... consider me excited!

Some of these lovelies won't hit the high street until September or October (booo...), and numerous other beauties will undoubtedly be released along the way, but I thought I'd give you a heads up on the cream of the crop as it currently stands... The collection encompasses everyone's favourite AW12 and SS13 trends - sixties chic, gothic glamour and nineties grunge, with a healthy dose of sports luxe, heritage tailoring and baroque opulence - in some seriously covetable new stand-out pieces...

Loving the baroque-meets-sports twist on the co-ord suit, the luxe-looking faux leather midis (I've been searching for skirts exactly like these for the past 18 months, and they both come along at once, and with co-ordinating tops for all occasions?!) and the longer-length faux fur... and could that be the perfect fedora I spy, finally? Could be falling for the tartan twist on the leather-sleeved jacket trend too - I think these are going to be everywhere... and if I have my way, mine will be teaming up with that skater midi and those black cut-out boots - I foresee many fleet-footed shopping sprees! As for the sixties-style pink crombie coat - I have no words.

Such an effective way to spin a simple tee for winter - I've just invested in Primark's summer fishnet creation (sleeveless, cropped) and love the idea of taking the style into next season.

If only I'd known, when I oh-so-casually slung my school cardigan around my waist in 1996, how "2013" I was...

Yes, it's another ridiculously cute vintage-style pink coat... 


Heritage is back...

And so is Baroque!

Er... sequins plus leather trackpants - will I be rocking this look come autumn? I won't lie, anything's possible...

You can check out a few more pieces over on the Look and InStyle websites. What do you think of Primark's AW13 offerings so far? 

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  1. Oh my! The second pink coat is PERFECTION! You would never in a million years guess it's Primark! I wish they had a smaller Primark store that edited down the best pieces (like Topshop's Edited shop in London.) It's such an effort finding the really good stuff! x

    Also, my blog has a £50 shopping voucher giveaway at the moment. To enter, click here!

  2. omg....the vintage pink coat is sooo cute! Definitely it has to be mine!!
    Maria C

  3. I love the pink coat, the embellished jumper and the necklace! :)