Friday, 21 June 2013

Coming Up Roses: 3D Floral Sweatshirt and Skirt

I've been craving some three-dimensional floral loveliness for several months now, and, in particular, these gorgeous Boohoo Boutique goodies (remember this post back in April?). So imagine my excitement when my latest bout of obsessive-compulsive online ogling informed me of a potential £17 (now £20!) saving on the set! I'd originally planned to buy the top in white and skirt in black (mono-addict, who me?), but mum persuaded me that it was high time to embrace the all-white trend instead...

I bought the skirt in my usual size (8) and the top in a 12, since it was the smallest size left and I figured a little extra slouch in this style wouldn't hurt - as luck would have it, this odd mix of sizes actually turned out to be pretty much perfect for me! The top is ingeniously cinched in and elasticated at the hem so that the section above slouches over to conceal it in an artful manner, falling somewhere between waist and hip level. The skirt has a soft inner lining, and tulle-augmented outer lining to give it the perfect skater shape. Both pieces are beautifully made and comfortable, aside from the waistband of the skirt, which is embellished outside and in - scratchy! Easily solved by slipping a nude cami on under this outfit though, and I have now invested in some high-waisted Bridget Jones-style undies so I can wear it with crop tops too!

The top and skirt don't match exactly - the top is slightly brighter, with larger roses and sheer sections between the flowers - but I think this makes for a more interesting effect when doubling up. In terms of colour, both pieces are definitely creamy rather than pure white - I wouldn't pair them with other true white pieces, but love them together, and can't wait to mix and match with black and colour... The top is now sold out in this shade, but it's available in red here, and several similar versions are floating around on eBay in a myriad of tones. You can still buy the skirt in either ivory or black here.

Sweatshirt and Skirt: Both Boohoo, Shoes c/o F&F at Tesco

Have you woken up and smelled the roses yet?

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  1. LOve whole this look! :)

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