Sunday, 9 June 2013

DIY Neon Necklace

I was well and truly bitten by the DIY bug this weekend, polishing off 2 projects in 1.5 hours (look out for my first customised beanie, coming soon to a screen near you), and planning several more... One thing I'd wanted to try out for ages was using nail polish to remaster a clear crystal/diamante necklace in glorious technicolour, so, as nice as this £3 Primark crystal-on-neon-cord choker was already, as soon as I laid eyes on it, all I could see was the perfect canvas...

You Will Need: 

  • the piece of jewellery to be customised
  • nail polish in the shade(s) of your choice
  • clear topcoat
  • nail polish remover and cotton buds (in case of mishaps!)

The process is almost shockingly simple - before starting, I scoured the net for tutorials, looking for the catch, but it really is this easy: paint the stones in your desired colours, as if painting your nails. Speaking as someone for whom manicures typically produce more frustration than Primark's perennial disco pant shortage, it was remarkably stress-free (and, fingers crossed, the results will last longer than the few hours I get from my nails).

I used Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Satsuma, and Marks & Spencer Nail Colour in Neon Yellow (think this has been discontinued, sadly) and Mint. The thick, high shine quality of the Gelly polishes makes them perfect for projects like these - I used 2 coats, but 1 probably would have sufficed. 3 coats of the yellow and mint polishes were necessary for an even finish (not bad, considering I've had them for 3 years!!). For an opaque, even look, you'll probably need to use thicker coats than you would on your nails, so, to eliminate any risk of last minute nicks and smudges, I left mine to dry overnight before applying topcoat.

Although I was lucky enough not to have any accidents (starting with relatively large stones was probably a good idea!), I had nail polish remover and cotton buds on hand as a safety net, just in case! A potential lifesaver if/when attempting more intricate designs, I imagine...

I'm really pleased with the results (well, how often can you co-ordinate your nails so effortlessly with your accessories?), especially for a first attempt, but I'm already itching to take it to the next level with some special effects and custom designs... after all, who says we have to stick to neon, block colour, or necklaces, for that matter? I have a feeling that bespoke jewellery may well turn out to be a more rewarding medium for my burgeoning nail art skills than my slippery-as-butter-fingernails!

Have you gone extra-curricular with your nail polish yet?

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  1. makes the choker look more expensive i think, love it xxx

    1. Thanks Antonia, glad it looks like I've added value rather than the other way round haha!

  2. Nice. Great day.

  3. Oh, that came out amazing! Quite a good use of nail polish!


    1. Thanks Monica! Yeah, I have a vanity case full of bottles which I hardly ever use as I get so annoyed when it chips off the next day, but this is such a fun way to create something with it which will last!

  4. belo diy