Sunday, 23 June 2013

DIY Jewelled Neon Beanie and Clear Clutch

This month's DIY deluge continues... Well, a girl can never have too many embellished and/or neon accessories, can she? Hands up who else has been coveting the blogosphere's sudden influx of translucent neon clutches and super-charged beanies? As soon as I realised the raw materials were already within my grasp, there was no way I could rest until I'd zhuzhed up my very own versions.

The Hat

Twin to my now-studded grey beanie, this New Look number was last seen unadorned in this post. As much as I loved it already, I couldn't resist trying my hand at prettying/crazying it up a bit... So I ordered these flat backed jewels from eBay. With my newly hard-won experience with glue under my belt, the actual process took a fairly hassle-free 10 minutes - simply stick, hold for a few seconds, and go (just be careful not to use too much on the smaller jewels, so it doesn't ooze out).

The Clutch

Having seen both exhibit A: a blogger toting an old translucent neon school folder, and B: another blogger toting an all-but-identical £13 eBay clutch, I knew it was time to raid the filing cabinets for mine! Part of a multi-pack of envelope folders in assorted colours, purchased for under a fiver a few years ago, all it needed was a few more of the jewels I'd used on the hat to add a little wow factor (and conceal the sticky-label residue revealing its former identity as the dumping ground for "Receipts, 2009-2010"). Plastic is a little harder to stick than wool, so you may need to hold the jewels in place for a little longer until the glue is dry if you're trying this out. I may still be tempted by a perspex box clutch, but this is a great standby (and outfit shot prop!) in the meantime.

Are you feeling the urge to bejewel and bedazzle this summer?

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