Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Hilton Park Lane

For the concluding part of this year's birthday festivities, I made my way to the Podium Restaurant at the Park Lane Hilton to sample their much-feted chocolate afternoon tea, along with Mummy and Nana Muses, Uncle Roger, my cousins Martina and Mark and our family friend Peter (sadly, my BFF and Uncle Martin had to pull out due to illness/teething troubles). 

I decided to style a nu-vintage monochrome look around my new cropped eyelash jumper from Primark (yes, that one) for the occasion... It's soooo snuggly, although, on an unseasonably mild early October day, it caused me to swelter a little bit on the way there! The ensemble also provided the perfect canvas for my amazing new monochrome wedge shoes, discovered in the Dotty P's sale last week: comfort + style + absolutely no compromises = hurrah!

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Top, Skirt, Blazer and Bag: All Primark, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Chocolate Afternoon Tea, Champagne, Review, Podium Restaurant, Hilton, London, Park Lane, Sam Muses

Chocolate Afternoon Tea, Review, Champagne, Podium Restaurant, Hilton, London, Park Lane, Sam Muses

Chocolate Afternoon Tea, Hilton, Champagne, Podium Restaurant, London, Park Lane, Sam Muses

As for the tea itself, although the surroundings weren't quite as elegant as at The Savoy (and we had to pour our own tea and place our own napkins in our laps - for shame!), the setting was great for a more casual bite. The individually plated open sandwiches (including my specially prepared veggie versions) were delish, and the warm scones (plain and chocolate chip), with choice of warmed chocolate spread or double cream and strawberry jam, were divine. Sadly, we weren't given enough "fancies" to be able to try one of each, but Martina and I got around this by, rather messily, cutting each treat on our stand in half! Not all were quite as exciting as the delicacies on offer at The Savoy, but the elderflower cupcake and milk chocolate cremeux deserve a special mention. For a chocolate tea, there wasn't quite as much chocolate as we expected, but most of us agreed that a bit of variety was a good thing, and the chocolate chip scones and co-ord spread alone made it worthy of the title!

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