Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Doing it Like a Lady...

I've been grunging it up with the best of them recently, given the recent influx of plaid and pleather into my Autumn/Winter 'drobe, so perhaps it wasn't too surprising when my never-particularly-well-suppressed urges to dress for an imaginary '50s prom overcame my more season-specific impulses to dress as if for a '90s Nirvana gig. Where was I actually going? Erm, about as far as my sofa, to partake in the delights of The Face followed by Made In Chelsea, but so what?! How I love the decade we live in, in which we can pick and choose from whichever portion of the 20th century fashion archive takes our fancy, staying dead on trend regardless! That fluffy Primark "It" jumper is already proving to be far more versatile than I'd initially have given it credit for, too...

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Jumper and Shoes: Both Primark, Tutu: Coast (See more of it here), Body Chain: Miss Selfridge

What era are you channeling this season?

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