Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You...

You may or may not have noticed that I've been a bit quieter than usual lately - this is partly due to my furthering my thespian aspirations by going back to school (acting school, this time), and partly due to my partaking in various prosecco, tea and shopping-related festivities in honour of my 28th birthday. The first part means that I have committed myself to spending at least 2 days a week wearing black clothes in which I am happy to roll around on dirty floors if required (boo - it's not all corsets and crinolines, sadly). The second part, though, means I have lots of lovely new things to wear on the other 5 days, like this ridiculously cute pussycat skirt from my BFF, the latest bundle of joy to join my kitty clothing cache - yay! Here's to many more years of not acting or dressing like a grown-up.

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Skirt: H&M, Shirt: Primark, Blazer c/o F&F, Shoes: Boohoo

Anyone else still a crazy cat lady?

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