Thursday, 6 September 2012

Coming Out of the Closet: 10 Blogs I Love (Plus One for Fun)

Since I was first gently encouraged/cattle prodded into the idea of starting this blog by being bombarded with "inspirational" links, I've been a lickle bit of a secret lurker, like 90% of other blog readers out there (Hi!) so now that I'm attempting to gain entry to their illustrious ranks, I really thought it was high time I came out of the closet and shared a bit of blogger lovin'... obviously there's no way I can write a comprehensive list of great blogs; there are just too many to fit into one post, and I feel terrible about having to leave so many out, but I've tried to cut it down to 10 of my favourites (um, OK, 11):

For Pure Feel-Good Fashion Inspo: Ring My Bell

Ashley's outfits never fail to be impossibly stylish, but so much fun at the same time. Unrelatedly, Revenge is one of my favourite things on TV atm, as well as a major fash crush source!

For Making Long Blonde Hair High Fashion: Rosie Glow and 5 Inch and Up

No excuses for TOWIE/WAG-alikes anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered if someone tells me I look like a live Barbie doll (pah to anyone who says she's anti-feminist - how many men do you know who can juggle being a doctor, ballet dancer and dog walker, hmm? Exactly.) - but when you're trying to work the edgy grunge look and you just look like Vice Corporal Skipper, it can be a little frustrating. I struggled for a long time, experimenting with subtle variations in hair and skin colour, to find a balance which didn't make everything I wore look like some kind of themed outfit. These girls both make it look effortless - their blogs should be mandatory viewing for all reality TV *ahem* stars *ahem*.

For Being a Fearless Pioneer of All Things Hair-Related: Hattie's Hideaway

I was gonna say all things hairy but it really didn't seem quite right. This girl does all the things I dream about doing to my hair but don't have the guts to go through with. I am crushing hard on her pixie crop right now, but since I have nightmares about my hair being forcibly chopped off I don't think it would be the smartest move for me. I can try her DIY studding idea though (jumper, not hair)... #StyleStalker

For Being Unfairly Stylish Teenagers: Fashion Train and Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

When I was 17, my wardrobe revolved around a few key looks:
  1. The low rise bootcut jean (preferably glittery) and sparkly crop top (to channel Britney)
  2. The velour tracksuit (to channel Paris)
  3. The low rise bootcut jean and "controversial" FCUK slogan tee (to shock the teachers)
  4. The A-line mini (teenage self's style rule #1: A-line = mini thighs, no waiting) and the tight top (teenage self's style rule #2: never, ever let anyone for one second think that your waist might be even a fraction of a centimetre bigger than it actually is)
In my defence, I think fashion has become much more inspiring and accessible over the last few years. What I really wanted was to dress like Marilyn Monroe all the time (oh OK, maybe every other day I still would have wanted to be Britney), but before Ms Von Teese's style had barrelled into the mainstream, my attempts to cobble together a sophisticated vintage-style look with what was available on the high street at the time were met with the immortal comment, "You look like a school mistress" - not exactly the look I was going for.

So, whilst they should know how lucky they are to have their pick of disco pants, high waisted midi skirts and, in fact, all manner of cuts of everything at their disposal, kudos is still in order for managing to develop an inspiring sense of personal style so young, and creating two of the most fun to read and thought provoking blogs around. Very different styles - both from each other and from most everything else out there - but both well-deserving of a place on your reading list.

For Getting Gorgeous on a Budget: Miss Budget Beauty

Great, honest reviews and a tone that just makes you want to be friends with her. Even though we have differing views on the John Frieda Full Repair range... She has great taste though... ooh, just noticed that we share a pair of palazzos, fancy that! (Posting my latest look involving them soon.)

For Commitment to Nails: For The Love of Nails

My BFF for the last 15 years. Due to juggling a full-time job with a part-time degree, she doesn't always post as often as she (and I) would like, but when it comes to nails, she makes it her business to know her stuff. Unfortunately, not even her powers extend to finding the elusive miracle product that will make anything stay on my ridiculously slippery nails for more than about 3 hours, hence my very sporadic manicures.


For Making Her Everyday Life Relentlessly Compelling Reading/Viewing: Anna Saccone

Not quite sure how she does it, but somehow she's so sweet that even looking at pictures of her breakfast (she has the same thing every day) is interesting! And the dog is even sweeter, if that's possible.

For Most Irresistible Food Porn: Couture & Crumpets

Disclaimer: Features mouth-watering pictures of larger-than-life cake-based treats which may have you hot-footing it to Costa before you reach the bottom of the page. How she manages to seemingly tour the world testing out various amazing looking afternoon teas and still fit into her (also mouth-watering) outfits is anybody's guess.

And Just for LOLs: Damn You Auto Correct

Amusing iPhone predictive text and autocorrect slip-ups: I'm not even sure why, but I literally laugh out loud scrolling though virtually every single page of this blog, and I'm really not that easy to please where intentional humour is concerned! It's my number one cheer yourself up tip. Just read it.

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