Monday, 3 September 2012

Style Inspiration: My Top 10 Style Icons

Who always inspires you to push the boundaries of your fashion comfort zone? Who are the go-to style crushes you attempt to psychically channel when you're in a quandary as to whether a new trend will suit you or what on earth to wear with floral trousers? To break up the How to Wear series and give a bit more insight into my personal style, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite style icons and sources of inspiration - this is my current top 10:

Blake Lively
On the red carpet, she's a fairytale princess for the modern age, and her off-duty and on-set style is just as covetable - she rocks some really daring, stunning looks but still always remains somehow natural and understated, with a timeless quality tempered by a contemporary edge. If I'm not sure about an outfit, I always ask myself, "Would Serena wear it?".

Marilyn Monroe
The ultimate vintage vixen - ne'er a peep-toe clad tootsie out of place.

Florence Welch
Hair and style to die for - probably the main reason I have a desire to go red permanently niggling in the back of my mind.. along with a hankering to waft around in all-over lace! Ceremonials is my favourite album of the last year too, if not all time.

Lana Del Rey
Loving her vintage/sports luxe style mash-ups almost as much as her haunting melodies. And I would like to point out, for the record, that I have date-stamped photographic evidence that I wore neearly the exact same River Island outfit she performed in at Lovebox first!

Dita von Teese
Gotta give her credit for pioneering the retro silhouette in the dark days of the early noughties, when you couldn't buy a high waisted pencil skirt unless you were willing and able to pay hundreds of pounds (plus customs and excise) to have one shipped in from Wheels & Dollbaby in Australia. I used to spend literal hours poring over their website before shrugging on my jeans in resignation.

Gwen Stefani
Has a lot of fun with her style and somehow always makes it work - her outfits are pure eye candy and the sucker-punch lipstick never fails to cheer me up - as does the fact that she looks just as good in her forties after two children as she did in her twenties!

Kim Kardashian
She works her eye-popping curves as the ultimate accessory. OK, sometimes she might get it a bit wrong, but it's more fun (for her and us) than playing it safe all the time. And I know a lot of people like to make a sport of slating her for other reasons, but I feel like part of the Kardashian Klan after endless hours of repeats on 4Music and think they're lovely - it's much more entertaining and natural than many "structured reality" shows I could mention - seriously, how hard can it be to convincingly play yourself (naming no names)?

Diane Kruger
Always perfectly elegant and impeccably put-together. There's a regal element to her look, but she still comes across as accessible and likeable - and she and Pacey (sorry, Josh) make such a cute couple!

Michelle Willams
The most lustworthy pixie crop. It turns every look into a statement without compromising on femininity.

Inspires my inner hip hop diva. She who dares!

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