Saturday, 1 September 2012


Welcome to my little spot on the web – 11 months after my BFF first made me promise to start a personal style blog and started Facebooking me regular inspirational links, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and plucked up the courage to put my musings and fashion choices up for public scrutiny...eek!

In that time, I’ve accumulated (with my self-timed photography gradually becoming slightly less dodgy – please forgive the blurry pink compact camera snaps!) an archive of hundreds of photos documenting what I’ve worn on almost every day in the last year. So, in honour of September dawning, arguably one of the most unpredictable months of the year in terms of weather (recorded temperatures varied from sub-zero to nearly 30 degrees in the UK last year!) and hence one of the most difficult to dress for, but also one that potentially allows you to work your entire wardrobe (silver lining), I had the idea of using them to illustrate how I style various items and throw around some ideas about how to make sartorial transitions between seasons (or between days, in this country!).

The How to Wear Series

So, every day this month, I’ll be taking a specific item or trend (starting with the crop top, today), and showing you how I (and a few special guest stars) work it for different occasions, moods and seasons, along with any plans I have for new acquisitions and mergers in the area for AW12/13, and a few hints on styling up for different body types.

My Style

In terms of my personal style, I tend towards quite a romantic but classic “put-together” look, drawing deeply from past decades and eras for inspiration, but am always looking for ways to put my own stamp on an outfit and incorporate new trends into my sartorial vernacular. Sports luxe, hip hop dancing and rocking out to Rihanna often bring my inner rude girl closer to the surface – well, let’s call it strong femininity shall we?

A few things I love: statement accessories, high waists, crop tops, peplums, pussybow blouses, faux fur, faux leather, maxi skirts, swingy midi skirts, mixi/dropped hem/waterfall (whatever you want to call them, just not mullet, please) skirts, pencil skirts, animal print, metallics, hats and skyscraper heels (although my feet prefer flats).

A few things I don’t love so much: over-accessorising, tracksuits worn for non-sports-related activities (not the sports luxe style separates, but the flammable elasticated ankle kind and the velour matchy matchy kind, which admittedly I lived in throughout sixth form and university), uncovered elasticated waists (just belt them up, pleeeease), leggings - not counting disco pants, which I really must invest in - with short tops outside the dance studio (see also uncovered elasticated waists, above), and the “blindfolded trolley dash in a charity shop” approach to personal style (a statement clash is one thing, but there is a limit).

Personal style is, by definition, personal, and I don’t claim to have a monopoly. Not everyone will agree with every choice I make, in the same way that I wouldn’t agree with the choices of every other blogger out there – however, the differences in our choices are what makes the fashion world interesting and keeps our personal style evolving – I usually find that I can take some kind of inspiration away from almost anything that’s had some thought put into it, even if my snap reaction is “I don’t like that” - rules, especially the ones you impose on yourself, are made to be broken. I’ll be incorporating other people’s styling and ideas where I can. Comments are welcome, but where they’re personal, I’d appreciate that they’re written in a positive tone, as I’d like this to be a happy place to visit!

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