Friday, 14 September 2012

How to Wear... Double Denim

...without looking like a member of B*Witched, circa 1998.

Rules of Thumb
How I Wear
Transitioning into Autumn/Winter

My main rules of thumb are:

#1 Don't match shades exactly (I usually prefer to have the lighter shade on top, which is best for keeping legs looking long and hips and thighs slim, but you can play around with this).

#2 Stick to no more than 2 denim garments at any one time.

#3 Keep one item fairly slouchy and the other more fitted - I usually team an unstructured denim shirt with a bodycon bottom half, but you could also try wide-legged jeans, slouchy shorts or an A-line skirt with a fitted shirt or denim bralet.

I'm sure there are some intriguing outfit possibilities out there that violate one or more of these rules, but if you stick to them you won't go too far wrong.

An all-purpose denim shirt is something no wardrobe should be without. I always used to think of them as too masculine and casual to fit my style, but eventually I succumbed, and was astounded by the number of new possibilities they opened up (as well as teaming with jeans and other denim items, they're invaluable for toughening up and toning down girly skirts and metallics).

Oh, and one more tip - I finally found my perfect denim shirt in Tammy (age 15 - er, I was only about 10 years older than that!) - a lot of kids' clothes are just tax-free copies of adult clothes now - age 16 is equivalent to about a UK 10, so if you're small enough, kids' departments are well worth a look!

Boilersuit Chic

Tucking the shirt in creates a kind of vintage-y denim playsuit/sexy boilersuit feel, and the looser fit of the top balances out the bodycon shorts and expanse of leg on show, keeping it casual but chic. Sky-high wedges add a bit of glamour.

Shirt: Tammy (Past Season)
Shorts: Jane Norman (Past Season)
Wedges: New Look (Past Season)


One answer to the eternal question (asked by women since the dawn of, er, May 2010) - "What the hell do I wear with floral jeans?" (more potential responses coming soon!). A buttoned-up shirt balances out their overt femininity for a more casual feel - choosing a lighter shade and leaving it loose helps to shrink hips and thighs too. Meanwhile, colour pop pumps pick up on the fun, girly aspect. Colour pop ankle boots would give the ensemble an autumnal twist.

Shirt: As Above
Jeans: Primark (Past Season)
Pumps: Primark (Past Season)

The Casual Cover-Up

Muted denim and khaki shades are a perfect base for a colourful, printed statement item, like these amazzzzing boots, maintaining a sleek, understated look which allows them to be the centre of attention. An unbuttoned shirt changes the proportions of a bodycon look to add interest and a hint of masculinity, which works well juxtaposed against very feminine or luxe items.

Shirt: As Above
Jeans: Miss Selfridge (Past Season)
Top: Topshop (SS12)
Boots: Primark (AW12)

Transitioning Into Autumn/Winter
Darker shades of denim, fortified with studs, spikes and other forms of embellishment, and mixed up with leather and chiffon, will fit neatly into this winter's rocker trend - I'm seeing black skinnies teamed with spiked platform ankle boots, and studded grey denim gilets and bralets. The more adventurous amongst us could also try layering a denim gilet over a leather jacket, or indeed a leather gilet over a denim jacket.

Tomorrow: How to Wear Pastels

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