Friday, 31 May 2013

3 Dresses: 3 Ways to do Sixties Style

If you're a regular reader, it probably won't have escaped your notice that I have a soft spot for sixties style. Although it never seems to drop off the fashion radar for long, I decided to take advantage of its current ascendance to invest in a couple of new vintage-inspired beauties, and resurrect an old favourite...


Dress: F&F at Tesco (Available Here)

The "Sixties Barbie" F&F frock that I just couldn't get out of my head once I'd seen it, even though my 7 Days of Summer prize fund had already been spent on these lovelies - see, I told you I was rediscovering my love of pink! Very cheeky-Marilyn, although I went a bit Bardot with the styling... The cut and quality of the tweed is amazing for the £25 price tag, especially considering the fabric's lack of stretch, and the dress should fit a variety of shapes - I was a little worried that, as an E cup, the under-bust piping might come up too high, but it settled perfectly in just the right spot! If you're smaller, the line will simply sit a little closer to your waist, as in some of the model shots floating around, which also looks fab. My one small complaint is that, while supremely comfortable to stand/strut in, the lack of give in the lining can make bending over/sitting down feel a tad dicey, though I've managed to avoid any mishaps so far - occupational hazard for those of us whose hips are definitively intent on channelling their inner Marilyn in preference to Twiggy!


Dress: Missguided (Available Here), Hair Band: New Look, Jacket, Shoes and Bag: Primark

Although we tend to associate the sixties with Twiggy-tastic thigh's-the-limit hemlines, the mini skirt didn't actually go live until the middle of the decade, with the below-the-knee pencil silhouette (and Audrey-esque fit-n-flare - see my trusty take about 6 shots into this post) still going strong. I couldn't resist the classic shape of this Missguided number coupled with its bold monochromatic polka dots - the simplicity just made it all the more striking. A few Grace Kelly-inspired styling touches were all the additions necessary - beehive, ladylike handbag, DIY cape - done. It would have been nice to have a few more sizing options besides S/M and M/L though - if the waist was a little more nipped in, it would be perfection.


Dress: Primark (Past Season), Shoes: New Look (Past Season)

The piece I've always thought of as the quintessence of sixties style: the (ironically twenties-inspired) A-line mini shift. This is actually a Primark dress I picked up on eBay 4 years ago, but what could work harder at channelling Twiggy circa 1966 (and miraculously subdue your inner Marilyn as required)?

What do you think of sixties style? Are you harnessing your inner mod/society gal/vintage vixen this season? 

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