Saturday, 18 May 2013

How to Wear a Pinafore, Part 2: 4 More Ways

Things I never thought I'd rediscover undying (though deeply buried) love for #2: pink - I didn't just like pink, for years I wore more of it than Barbie. At a certain point, I decided I needed to ditch it if I was to have any hope of honing some kind of "edge" and, anyway, I was quite frankly sick of the sight of it! But its gradual tiptoe back onto my radar became a full on sprint this season (I think the Barbie dress was the catalyst) - I am now officially embracing my rose-tinted roots (and will probably be sporting rose-tinted tips shortly!).

As for pinafores, well, they never really went away for me, even when no one else over the age of 8 appeared to share my enthusiasm for them, so, by the time everyone else finally joined the party this spring, I was a bit over the classic black variety... My houndstooth shift went some way to alleviating my desire for a new spin, but when I spied this in New Look (along with a couple of choice lovelies to layer underneath, for which credit goes to my mum), it was love at first sight. It's out of stock online now, but you might be even luckier than me and manage to pick it up in the sale if you're quick!

Oh, and the Part 2 bit? Well, you've seen my first D.I.Y. pinny look, but after I'd put this post together, I saw another had-to-have-it vision of pinafore-shaped amazingness - in monochrome polka dot! So watch this space for part 3...

Ice Cream Sundae

Pinafore and Cropped Jumper: Both Tokyo Doll at New Look, Hair Band, Boots and Socks: All Primark (Past Season)

Strawberries and Cream

Pinafore: As Above, Top: New Look, Trainers: Primark (All Current)

Go West

Pinafore: As Above, Shirt: Primark, Boots: Boohoo (All Current)


Pinafore: As Above, Crop Top: Quiz, Blazer: Primark, Shoes: Peacocks (Past Season)

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you may have already seen this ensemble, as it won me the Twitter prize on the first day of the F&F at Tesco 7 Days of Summer challenge last week! I managed to amass an amazing haul with my £75 prize voucher (plus, er, £26 of my own - there was too much choice!) to which more pink and more monochrome stripes both made a significant contribution! Hopefully I can start sharing it with you soon - too many possible outfit combos, too few days in the week, argh!

My Top Tips for Rocking a Pinny Post-Playschool

  • Keep bulk to a minimum - I've found that cropped tops/knits and light, sheer shirts work best - a chunky jumper or stiff shirt can look a bit German folk dancer, especially if you're large-chested!
  • If your pinny is plain black, you can go wild with colours and patterns. If not, sticking to pieces in neutral tones or the same shade "family" (e.g. pastels with a pastel pinafore) tends to look more polished, which allows you to...
  • Experiment and push your own boundaries in other ways - clashing two monochrome patterns, going all out on accessories, or trying out a style that isn't traditionally associated with pinafores, like sports luxe or Western...
  • Have fun! This look is all about playfulness, so feel free to forget the rules and try whatever the hell you like if the urge takes you!

Have you put on your pinny yet?

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  1. That pinafore is gorgeous, such a nice colour!!

    1. Thanks Roxii - ah I know, so unusual, I couldn't resist!!

  2. That pink dress looks really nice. Have a great weekend.

  3. l o v e your pinafore and these looks! especially the white top, a match made in heaven with the pink