Friday, 24 May 2013

Review: The marc b. Lottie Handbag - Vintage Chic for Modern Chicks

Last week, Christmas came early when a long-coveted marc b. bag came into my life. You may have come across/drooled over the brand's broad range of styles in Topshop, but, since I first came across them, I've been obsessed with their vintage-alike lovelies - I'm sure Grace Kelly would have ditched her Hermes at least occasionally in favour of a Lottie...

Coat, Skirt and Shoes: Primark

The version I chose is a gorgeous camel/light tan shade, with stunning "ostrich"-effect trimmings in a delicate nude with a hint of dusky pink - perfect with other neutrals, pastels, brights, metallics or prints for a summery feel now, but won't feel inappropriate come autumn either. Its gold accents complement the overall ladylike-luxe feel, complete with little metallic heels (OK, "feet"), to keep it off the floor - genius!

Aside from its wondrous beauty, my initial reaction was one of awe at its sheer size (OK, I didn't read the measurements first... or the "oversized" bit in the product description - it was so pretty it could have been matchbox-sized for all I cared!), followed by marvelling at its structured, hardbacked sides - it may look delicate and demure, but don't be fooled, it's an armoured behemoth of a bag! No doubt a blessing, at least for me - I tend to ruin smaller bags by forcing my "essentials" in any which way possible - come on, you're playing Russian Roulette if you ever venture out without an umbrella in this country!

Once I'd clocked its impressive stature, I did have hopes that it might double up as a particularly stylish laptop carrier, but the opening wasn't quite wide enough for my widescreen version to make it in - I'm sure you could get away with a netbook though, and certainly an iPad (or, perhaps more importantly, pretty much any pair of shoes you may own).

A4 folders, files (aside from the super-thick ringbinder kind), portfolios etc slide in easily, and the hard sides help to keep loose papers from getting creased if you're not that organised. There are 2 medium-sized zip pockets, one on the back and one inside, along with a standard-sized phone pocket (which makes a great bolthole for a Kleenex Pocket Pack if you've already joined us in the 21st century), and a larger one which will easily accept an iPhone plus case.

On first impressions, it does feel quite heavy, what with all the scaffolding, but, testing it out on my standard weekly shopping spree, carrying my usual essentials (purse bursting with change for parking machines, phone, umbrella, keys, Evian) didn't aggravate my already-bowed-and-beaten bag-carrying shoulder, and it was just as comfortable (possibly more so in fact) as any of my less robust pieces of arm candy (well, for me - I may have unintentionally buffeted a few more unsuspecting shoppers than usual). I DID use the detachable adjustable shoulder strap though - godsend!

You can pick Lottie up on the marc b. website here, along with her brand new younger sisters, re-fashioned in black and tan quilting - super versatile, but faux ostrich will always hold the key to my heart.

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  1. Hi, Sam! Hope you are very well! You really keep doing a great job on your blog, as always! It is very nice to be leaving a comment here again ;)
    Best feelings, xx

    1. Yes, I am very well thanks F! Glad you're OK, what a coincidence that we happened to be visiting each other's blogs at the same time! Ah thank you, it's lovely to hear from you again :) xx

    2. You are welcome, Sam! I am also glad you're very well ;) And yes, that was a great coincidence! It is always nice talking to you :) All the best! xx