Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tie Dye Maxi

Things I never thought I'd rediscover undying (but deeply buried) love for until this season #1: tie-dye. My last brush with it was one of those "lifebuoy"-patterned T-shirts circa 1998 - I wore it to death, but once Mark Owen snapped out of his post-Take That hippy phase, so did I - never, I thought, to return.

Oh, how I sneered when it started popping up on the high street this season... but before long it began to stealthily creep under my anti-'90s defences... it might be quite fun really, I mused - on a garment that didn't look like something I would have worn when I was 12... Lo and behold, on our most recent weekly mother-daughter-grandmother high street trawl, this dress greeted us from the window of Pinc, just as I was attempting to drag nana past her favourite shop for once! Vehemently declaring that I would be "just silly not to have it", nana emerged a mere £10 lighter, and I a bundle of jersey (and a free belt! - the brown one in the first two images) heavier... I may have forsaken my tween love for 15 years, but I'm well and truly smitten again...

Dress (with Brown Belt): V London, Brogues and Boots: Both Primark (Past Season), Black Belt: New Look (Past Season)

Are you giving tie-dye a (second) chance?

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  1. Wow I love this tye dye maxi, the cut and print is divine. looking fab as usual my dear

    xo Haylee

  2. I probably won't wear tie dye, since it's not very me. It's hard to pull off, but you look good!

    1. Thanks Audrey! I think you could rock it though ;)