Monday, 13 May 2013

How to Wear Peg Leg Trousers (Minus the Sausage Legs)

When mum came home with these tapered trousers from Next, I was in two minds about whether to accept them - they fit like a dream, but was the tailored, low-rise, safari-chic thing really "me"? When I still couldn't get them out of my head a day later though, my mind overflowing with potential outfit combinations, I decided they did indeed have to be mine!

Effortlessly chic, classic, and pretty much the dictionary definition of "smart-casual", they're great quality, super comfy, and one of the few items I think would genuinely take you from sofa to boardroom to bar to beach, at virtually any age. Maybe not revolutionary, but an occasion- and weather-proof Spring/Summer staple that would be perfect for a capsule holiday wardrobe. I don't think photos really do them justice though - isn't it infuriating how certain items are so much more photogenic than others?!

Trousers: Next (Available Here), Everything Else: Primark

Making the Peg Leg Work for You

Although versatile and a welcome change from the ubiquitous bootcut/wideleg shapes that predominated in tailoring for so long, the peg leg can be an awkward shape to work with - unless you're particularly lucky, you'll probably need to put a bit of work into ensuring that your legs don't resemble chicken drumsticks, so I thought I'd share a few hard-earned tips!

  1. HEELS are Peggy's best friend - nude or gold tones and low-cut styles are particularly good at elongating your silhouette. FLATS can work too, but again, nude or metallic shades and ankle-baring cuts work best.
  2. VOLUME on top helps to balance hips - I've found that tops which incorporate a bit of volume and a body-conscious element (whether sheer, cropped or nipped at the waist) work best. Partially tucking in shirts or oversized tees or vests at the waist helps to retain shape and avoid a "swamped" look.
  3. Sticking to a neutral coffee-and-cream COLOUR PALETTE is the most foolproof way to style a beige-toned trouser, keeping lighter tones on top to avoid widening legs. For a more adventurous look, I love rusts and burnt oranges with latte shades - as in the combo in this post which I put together with some similar trousers last year.
  4. Sounds mental, but consider how you do your HAIR! It works on the same rationale as toting huge bags to make you look thinner: big hair = mini body. I'm not suggesting everyone need sport a permanent 'fro, but, when wearing a "figure-sensitive" outfit, you can visually drop a dress size by swapping flat, limp hair or a tight top-knot for a bit of tousling or tonging!

Have you tried the peg yet?

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  1. The heels really make the pants look professional .. love all the neutrals.


  2. Nice and perfect colors. Have a great day.

  3. I love your how to wear posts, so much detail. Great!


  4. Beautiful !
    Eu amei as roupas, lindas demais !

  5. lol @ 'Peggy'. Cute nick name.
    Love your stylings. Cute pants. :D

  6. I love these pants on you! Your legs look so great.

    Kate from Clear the Way

    (I am currently hosting a giveaway for a great print.)