Wednesday, 28 November 2012

5 More Ways to Wear a Mini on Winter Days

Taking a breather from showering you with seasonal discount codes (more to come later in the week though!) to get back to the outfits... It's been a couple of months now since my original How to Wear the Mini Skirt and How to Wear the Mini Dress (During Daylight Hours) posts, so I thought I'd share a few of my more wintry ensembles from the last few weeks with you.

'60s Shift

Dress: eBay (originally Primark); Top: New Look (Past Season); Boots: Primark (Current - £15 £10)

I created this outfit for "White" Day as part of Forever 21's 21 Days of Style Instagram challenge, layering a black roll neck and tights under a summery shift for a '60s-inspired monochrome look - no way I could resist finishing it off with my new '20s gangster boots!

Lana the Leopard

Shirt and Skirt: Primark (Past Seasons); Tights: Accessorize (Past Season); Creepers: New Look (Current - £19.99)

Yes, this was for Leopard Day - I wouldn't normally take it this far (although you may beg to disagree if you've read my How to Wear Animal Print post!) but fashion should be fun right? This is my first and only pair of creepers - I'm not a big fan of the corrugated plastic sole/huge metal eyelets type (can't shake the orthopaedic associations!) but I loved the cute, feminine feel of these (and no, the leopard print didn't hurt!).

Statement Stripes

Sweater Dress: Peacocks (Past Season); Tights: River Island (Past Season); Boots: Primark (Past Season)

Mmhm, you guessed - Stripes Day! I am a huge fan of the sweater dress, and have been for some years - accompanied by tights and your choice of boots, it's the easiest throw-it-on option you could find for winter dressing, and you can get one to fit any occasion and mood - chic fitted black for work/evening, relaxed for comfort, brightly coloured to cheer you up, or printed/embellished to make a statement, like this one, for those times when you want cosiness without sacrificing your edge!

Chiffon Meets Wool

Dress & Sunnies: Primark (Past Season); Faux Fur Collar & Socks: Primark (Current); Creepers: New Look (Current)

This was Sunnies Day! Living in the UK, I don't think I've ever considered wearing sunglasses beyond October before, but they were all over the AW runways, and I actually quite like the contrast with winter fabrics like wool and fur. This dress is all-in-one (aside from the collar!), but layering a chiffon skirt or dress under a long jumper or short jumper dress is a great way to add interest (or length!), as well as that much-coveted pep-hem.

Knitted Skirt

Skirt and Boots: Primark (Current); Jacket: Primark (Past Season - but there are some very similar styles in store now)

One of my first "free-choice" outfits after the challenge ended! I wore this for a spot of Black Friday shopping and a Cherry & Almond Costa muffin last week. I grew to adore knitted pencil skirts last winter (see this post for evidence), but wasn't convinced by their little siblings until it was too late, so made sure I snapped my first one up early this season! I like the balancing factor of the jacket's thickness and volume, but think the skirt would also work with a fitted sweater or roll neck, or maybe a shirt for a bit of contrast.

More maxi, mixi, peplum and velvet outfits are currently awaiting future posts... plus the introduction of my first pair of disco pants - yay!

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  1. Although I'm a huge leopard fan. I think my fav outfit is the stripped dress.


    1. Thanks Monica, always interesting to hear people's opinions :)

  2. Here in Japan miniskirts/dresses/shorts are year-round requirements. I used to think Japanese girls had no sense of cold but actually they use a lot of the styles that you've mentioned above. It's a great way to show some leg even in Winter!

    1. That's interesting - I got my first pair of over the knee socks in Japan 4 years ago (which I still have), but I think they may be going into hibernation for a few months soon in favour of 80 deniers!

  3. You've nailed the 60's look...
    I love your style

    now following

    1. Ah thank you so much Jeeda, my 100th follower too :D