Monday, 12 November 2012

Seven Days in Style

A week's worth of outfits, showcasing some of my latest purchases, along with some old favourites... I am still playing around (read: tearing my hair out) with camera settings, flashes and lighting, so please excuse the somewhat variable quality of the shots!

Day 1: My DIY Leather-Sleeved Mac

I wasn't sure about the leather-sleeve trend at first, but I am so smug about having invested in a sleeveless trench coat last year now! Layered over a leather jacket, it's one brand new coat for the price of none! With a jumper layered underneath too, it is very snug (i.e. contains little room to speak of for movement)! Perfect for November days though.

Sleeveless Mac and Leather Jacket: Both Primark (Past Seasons)
Shoes: Peacocks (Past Season)

Day 2: Doing the Polka

Digging out my trusty statement shouldered trophy jacket again for Blazer Day in the 21 Days of Style Instagram challenge. The first outing for my very first bowler, and for my crazy-good-value high-waisted polka dot shorts.

Hat: Primark (Current - £8)
Shorts: Primark (Current - £5, reduced from £12)
Jumper and Blazer: Primark (Past Season)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (Past Season)

Day 3: Go West

A (somewhat) wintry cowgirl look for Western Day, swapping denim for leather and adding cosy socks... I couldn't love my new pleather skater skirt any more - well worth scouring the shops for a year for!

Skirt: Primark (Current - £12)
Socks: Primark (Current - £2.50 for 1 navy and 1 burgundy pair)
Boots and Scarf: Primark (Past Season)
Shirt: Freemans (Past Season)

Day 4: Monochrome Mixing

Contrasting monochrome florals against spots for Prints Day. I love this peplum top (first seen teamed with neon in this post) and can't believe I haven't worn it more! Yes, I did try two different styles of polka dot skirt with it! I think the pencil skirt look is sleeker and slightly more sophisticated, but I love the girliness and frivolity of the circle skirt version.

Top: Primark (Past Season)
Shoes: Marks & Spencer (Current - £15)
Pencil Skirt: Jane Norman (Past Season)
Circle Skirt: Primark (Past Season)

Day 5: Plaid and Lurex

Today was Plaid Day, which gave me an excuse to dig out this fabulous gathered knickerbocker-style skirt. I think it needs a lot of black and a slight edge to tone it down, or it can all go a bit Andy Pandy (believe me, I have the pictures to prove it...) but I'm really pleased with how the black opaques and polo/metallic knit combination turned out (I did try layering a floaty white top over the polo to start with, but it turned out a bit like a vicar in reverse!).

Skirt: Primark (Past Season)
Polo Neck Top: New Look (Past Season)
Jumper: H&M (Past Season)
Shoes: Peacocks (Past Season - Just realising how often I'm wearing these at the moment!)

Day 6: Fur and Leather

Whoop whoop - I got the studded pleather dress I was after (first lusted after in my How To Wear Leather post) on my big birthday shop up in Oxford Street! I am now craving the all-over fringed version to complete my collection... I added my trusty faux fur gilet and bowler (which I am loving more than I ever dreamed possible) to add a bit of a boho vibe.

Dress: Primark (Current - £22)
Hat: Primark (Current - £8)
Gilet: New Look (Past Season)
Boots: Peacocks (Past Season)

Day 7: Peaches and Cream

Another birthday buy - this is the nude version of the black skirt I featured in my Wish List post a little while ago. In the AW12 Primark look book, it was styled up with Converse-style trainers and a sloppy knit, but I decided to give it a slightly more glam feel with a skinny angora knit and heeled brogues. I was kinda suprised to see this colour (coupled with dual thigh-high splits) in an AW collection, but actually love the contrast of the sheer chiffon against snuggly wool - and it'll still be worth its weight in gold come summer! When it gets a bit colder (or I have to actually leave the house), I think I'll add cream lace tights.

Skirt (with belt): Primark (Current)
Jumper: Jane Norman (Past Season)
Shoes: Peacocks (Past Season)
Scarf: Primark (Past Season)

So that's the end of my latest series of bouts with the camera - onto the next one! Which outfit do you like best? Do you prefer seeing new outfit posts every day, or do you like being able to see several looks at once?

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  1. I love the sleeveless trench and the polka dots!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Love how you diyed the mac!!
    S xx

  3. Torn between looks 1, 2 and 7. I think the 2-jacket combo wins though! Primark looks so much better than I remember. I must pay a visit when I'm back in Ireland over Christmas!

  4. Thanks girls :) Really interesting to hear your opinions! Yeah, I was embarrassed to be seen going into Primark 5 years ago, but now it's my number one shopping destination for sure!

  5. Love your Peplum top and polka dot skirt!
    your newest follower

  6. Hello Sam! How are you? Don't worry... You will master your photographic apparatus as you wish!
    Once again, loved your post - I give special mentions to days 1, 4 and 7 outfits ;) As I already said to you, you've a beautiful and very consistent blog . So, at my blog there's a box called "Sources of knowledge, appreciation and inspiration" in which I included a proper link to yours - hope you'll appreciate this little gesture ;)
    Have a great day,
    - F.

    1. Hello Flávio! I'm well thank you, how are you? Thank you so much for your comment, and for the lovely gesture - I really do appreciate it :)

  7. You're welcome, Sam. I'm fine too, thank you! Oh, I'm glad you appreciated that simple gesture regarding your very beautiful blog... :)

  8. Beautiful!!! Love your style! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    Would love to follow each other :)
    Now following you bloglovin GFC and pinterest! XX


  9. So many amazing outfits esp 1, 4, 5 7! God job!
    would you like to follow each other?
    xoxo Ewa

  10. Sam, do you want to follow each other, dear? I really like your blog! If yes, follow me and be sure I'll follow you back immediately!

    -Mademoiselle S.

  11. Absolutely love the cowgirl look!!
    And your hair is gorgeous! :)


  12. Really nice outfits!

    Thanks to visiting and commenting my blog. I follow you now. Return, if you want :)


  13. Wow! You look great!!! I love leather-sleeves!! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. Wow the last outfit is amazing! I want the skirt *.*

    I follow you now, maybe follow back ?

  15. Wow I've wanted a mac with leather sleeves for a while your DIY is amazing!

    thanks for the blog comment! of course I would love to do a follow for follow :) follow me & I'll follow back xxx